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Cancer women have birthdays from June 21 to July 22.

Born under the most feminine sign, Cancer women have charming personalities and vivacious natures. Personal appearance is a source of great pride to them, so they are meticulous in their grooming. They are talkative with a mellow voice that is full of expression. While they enjoy company, Cancer women don't make lasting friendships with other women very easily, but they usually have close male friends who are much older. Their gift of intuition is pronounced, and they usually form their likes and dislikes in people from their first impressions.
Women born under this sign have great talents in music, drama, dance, and literary pursuits. They have a tendency toward beautiful, artistic things. They are apt to use their great organizational skills working out new principles and perfecting new ideas. They wish to be recognized as thoroughly competent in all their endeavors, and are willing to devote the necessary time to successfully complete their projects. Because of their natural feeling of responsibility, they dislike being hampered or restricted in any way. They hate to do anything in a rush. They have an inborn craving for travel and have a tendency to squander their money in search of new scenes and experiences. However, some of the richest people are born under the Cancer sign.

Because they do not like change, they are apt to be set in their conservative views on religion and politics. They rarely favor radical changes in anything. However, Cancer women are always interested in bettering mankind and charitable works appeal to them. Being so conservative, they often help others avoid plunging headfirst into poorly thought out plans.

Cancer is a fickle sign, and these women are extremely sensitive with their moods powerfully affected by day and night, rain and sunshine. Arguing with them is useless because they are not open minded. These women have a tendency to talk a lot about themselves and their accomplishments. If they can overcome their boastfulness and learn tact and diplomacy, they will lead delightful and useful lives.

They are particularly sensitive in affairs of the heart, and are greatly upset by any slight, real or imagined. This sensitiveness is the key to their nature, and men must recognize this if they want to capture their love. Cancer women need to exert great caution before marrying, and often have happier marriages if they do not marry too young. Cancer women often have many children and many pets. They have a strong maternal instinct and tender love for children as well as animals. They are excellent housekeepers who keep neat and tidy homes. However, they are prone to rearranging their furnishings often.

The stomach is the weak part of the Cancer body, so care should be taken to eat rich and fatty foods in moderation. Drugs and alcohol can wreak havoc on their bodies. Worry and anxiety will often lead to digestive disorders, so it is important for Cancer women to learn stress reduction techniques. Fresh air, especially sea air, is very beneficial to them. An abundance of sleep is also essential for their well being.