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Overcoming Bedwetting In Children
Bedwetting is the uncontrollable wetting while asleep in a healthy child above 5 years of age.Bedwetting is a problem that needs therapy if the child is of school going age.

Bedwetting can be overcome by treating its contributing factors.The exact causes are unknown but there are various factors that are implicated.
-Bedwetting may be due to hereditary cause.
-Deep sleepers may be unable to wake up to void urine.
-Bladder control is undeveloped.
-Lack of Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) to reduce urine production at night.

Bedwetting isn't due to psychological problems. The kidney and bladder are not infected by disease either.For a normal, healthy child who suddenly bedwets, it may be due to a urine infection or stressful conditions like domestic problems, change in environments etc.

Bedwetting is normally treated by using a bedwetting alarm or Desmopressin.The alarm is a conditioning therapy.It is a urine sensitive pad connected to an alarm. The urine detector pad is fixed on the child's underwear just before bedtime.As soon as any urine wets the detector, the alarm rings to wake the child to go to void in the toilet.Within a week, there'll be a conditioned response in the child to hold his urine until he can wake up.

Desmopressin is a synthetic anti-diuretic hormone which is taken at bedtime to help concentrate the urine and reduce the volume of prevent bedwetting at night.Desmopressin reduces excretory water and may cause water retention if the child drinks too much after taking the hormone.There may be minor side effects like headache,stomach cramps or loss of appetite.Its best to seek advice from your doctor for the best method of treatment for the individual.

Bedwetting can be treated and the sufferers can become dry or experience dramatic improvement. It is important to seek help and not suffer because of embarrassment. Bedwetting can seriously affect the psychological development of the child and he will also feel anxiety over his condition.It restricts the overnight outdoor activities like camping and travelling. The greatest worry is the fear of any underlying disease that causes the bedwetting.All these problems can be eliminated by seeking treatment.