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Learn all about javelinas rodents or peccaries: wild pigs of the desert, that travel in herds and are quite interesting...once you get past their smell.
What kinds of frogs are aquatic? Can you keep them in an aquarium with other fish? What special care do they need?
What kind of lizard can walk on water? How does it do that? Why does it walk on water?
What do birds do when they breed? What time of year do they do it? What are the different ways male and female birds attract each other?
Raising baby birds is easy with these tips.
How should you bond with your adopted older bird? What precautions should you take?
Hamsters are easy to breed and boast one of the quickest reproductive rates in the animal kingdom.
Guinea pigs make wonderful pets, and caring for your guinea pig properly can give your pet a long and heathy life.
Guinea pigs make wonderful pets, but not every breed may be suitable for your particular needs and lifestyle. Here is what to consider when choosing a breed of guinea pig for your family.
Guinea pigs are very susceptible to respiratory illnesses, which may be aggravated by oily or dusty bedding. Here are the proper bedding materials for guinea pigs.
Do rabbits and children get along? What do you need to teach your children about rabbits before you buy one? How do you improve the relationship between your rabbits and your children?
How do you take care of a ferret? Ferret-Proofing your home.
All about ferrets and their lives, what to feed them, how to care for them, and much more.
Fresh water turtles--usually Red Eared Sliders--make interesting and educational pets. Learn how to keep and care for them.
How do you know if you should get a frog for a pet? What kinds of things should you consider?
Is guinea pig health important to you? Guinea pigs tend to hide signs of illness, so the best time to check for potential trouble is grooming time. Here's what to look for.
Here's some information on a guinea pig's average life expectancy and the factors involved.
Guinea pigs are very sociable animals who will bond with their owners quickly. Selecting the proper name for your guinea pig is an important step. Here are some suggestions on how to choose a good name.
Guinea pigs make many different sounds, from the contented grunts that gave them their name to high pitched squeaks that can indicate illness or fear.
Diseases and conditions common to hamsters: allergies, colds, dietary problems, heatstroke, wet tail, hair loss, parasites, abscesses, tumors.
Is a horned toad really horny? What is a horned toad? How did it get its name?
What kinds of things do snakes need to survive in captivity? How do you make your snake feel at home?
How to care for guinea pigs: Aalso known as cavies, guinea pigs are fun but need proper care and attention for a happy and long life.
A useful aid for anyone who is going to raise a new iguana, it provides useful information on food, cages, and care for these reptiles
Why do rabbits have different colored poop at night? Should they be eating it? Should I keep them from eating their night droppings?
Need information to care for your pet Iguana? This will tell all about iguanas and their nutrition, housing, growth, maintenance, behavior,health concerns, offspring, and what to feed them.
Snake can be kept as pets safely and correctly in your home by choosing the right terrarium and equiping it properly.
Komodo Dragon Lizards are mysterious, but here are the facts.
What kinds of lizard should you consider getting as pets? What kinds of lizards should you avoid? Which lizards make better pets than others, and why?
All about parrotlets: care, diet, and why these little pint sized parrots are good pets for a person with limited space.
Care for your new pet bird by preparing your home for its new inhabitant.
When buying a pet ferret, learn how to know if you're getting a healthy one.
Shows pet owners how to train or tame their hamsters by bonding with the small animals. Training a hamster will reduce bad behaviors like biting or peeing on you. Includes tips for parents to teach children with a new hamster.
Pet rabbit care: Rabbits make great pets. They are quiet and can be house-trained. Proper care and feeding are important but not difficult.
How do you handle your pet rat? How often should you handle it? Do they like being handled?
Learn how to care for your pet tarantula!
Should you get a tarantula as a pet? What are the different types of tarantulas?
Proper feeeding for your bird, including a recipe for a base diet.
The differences between purchasing a bird through a bird breeder or a pet store.
What kind of home will your pet lizard like? How do you make your pet lizard's home as natural for it as possible?
You see the animal lying on the ground, but should you take it in? What precautions should you take?
What kinds of things should you consider before buying a rabbit as a pet? How do you know how much work it will be? How do you know if a rabbit will fit in well in your home?
Do small animals do better in pairs? Why? Is it necessary that you buy them in pairs for their well being?
Snakes can be good as pets; before diving head first into buying one however, you should know what you're getting into.
Tips and tricks of turning your talking bird into a conversationalist. One of the joys of owning a cockatiel or macaw is the satisfaction of teaching it how to talk.
In southern australia, where sulphur-crested cockatoos live in large flocks, the bird has evolved a warning system to avoid being caught by predators.
Although hamsters life spans are short, pet owners want to do all they can to make that time fulfilling and healthy for their pet hamster. Preventative care for hamsters.
What kinds of foods do tarantulas like to eat? What should you feed it?
Should you handle guinea pigs? How do you do it? How often?
Should you handle your pet hamsters? How should you do it? How frequently should you handle them?