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Cats can display aggressive behavior for many reasons. Learning why your cat bites or scratches is the best way to stop it.
Aging cats have trouble getting around - why? How can you keep your older cat active?
Hair balls are a natural part of your cat's life. Overgrooming and skin irritation however, can lead to a very unhealthy obsession. Learn how to prevent and treat the common hair ball.
What kinds of immunizations do you need to give your cats in order to prevent disease? What do the different shots do? Why are they important?
Is your cat missing the litter box? Training is easier with these tips.
A debunking common myths and superstitions about cats.
The neutering of your female or male cat is a relatively simple and safe operation with positive results. It is usually recommended by your veterinarian unless you intend to breed your cat.
Simple techniques and inexpensive products to use to cat proof your home and minimize damage by your cat, without having to redecorate your home.
How to enter cat shows. What breeds can be shown? What happens at a cat show? Are there special breeding or training requirements?
Cat tooth problems occur in older cats. How can you prevent your cats from acquiring tooth diseases?
Cat training made easy! Time tested techniques to train your stubborn feline and control unacceptable behavior patterns.
Keep baby safe by keeping the cat out of the crib. A cat in baby’s crib can pose a danger and a health hazard.
Cats and separation anxiety: Find out how to make your departure less stressful on your cat, if you are leaving for the day or a whole week.
Step-by-step instructions on cutting your cat's claws.
Is your cat suffering from Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis? Find out what it is and what you can do to offer relief.
Learn how to care for a cat. Cats are loving, playful pets that will delight any family. Here are few tips that will help you take care of your cat.
Learn how to care for a sick cat including what to feed it, how to administer medication, and taking its temperature.
Giving a pill to a cat isn't easy. Learn the best way to give your cat a pill and make the ordeal quick and easy.
Find out simple things you can do to keep your cat from scratching furniture and other items in your home.
Making a multiple cat household: learn how to smoothly combine cats from two different households into one without much trouble.
New kitten care tips: introducing a new kitten to your other cats, what to do about cat food and toys, the litter box, etc.
Newborn kitten care, especially for your cat's first litter of kittens, can involve some surprises. Learn how you can help provide care with this information
Orphaned kitten care: How to care for an orphaned kitten, what to feed it, how to clean it, how to keep it warm, how to teach it to use a litter box.
Persian cat info: description of the appearance, temperament, type of fur, grooming, and varieties of Persian cats along with a brief history of the breed.
Learn wihich plants are poisonous to cats. Cats ingest grass or other plant material to aid in hairball elimination. Beware! Many plants are toxic for felines!
Siamese cat info: description of the appearance, temperament, type of fur, grooming, and varieties of Siamese cats with a brief history of the breed.
Teaching your cat tricks, to come when you call and to beg is not hard, it is a very rewarding experience.
There are many benefits of owning a cat such as unconditional love and health benefits. A cat is a wonderful pet to have for a family, a single person, or the elderly.
How to travel with your cat. Cats can be good travelers, especially if they become accustomed to travel at an early age.
What plants can be toxic to cats? Why? What should you do if you think your cat might have eaten from a toxic plant?
Methods of preventing and curing hairball problems in cats.
Ever wonder just what a cat show is all about? How does a judge compare cats? Can any cat enter these feline beauty pageants?