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Advice for adding a new pet into your home: You've been thinking about getting another pet to keep your first pet company. Do you have room for one more cat or dog?
Learn tips for adopting cats from animal shelters and humane societies. Find out about costs, adopting adult cats, and other considerations.
Adopting a cta: Healthy pets make good pets. How do you know if it is healthy?
There is a lot of work involved in animal rescue. Educate yourself before you get involved.
Flirtatious eyelashes and frizzy hair give these playful, unique horses an unusual that goes along with their magnetic personalities
Tips on basic horse care. Some things that need to be done to maintain a healthy horse.
What kinds of things do older dogs do that younger ones don't? How should you take care of these behavioral changes?
Need birdwatching advice? The basics of birdwatching are described along with a handy guide to getting the most out of your birding equipment and your local environment.
If you are breeding turtles, these tips will help encourage your turtles to breed.
Easy to follow tips and advice on breeding zebra finches.
Caring for aging pets: old age affects animals, just as it does humans. Now, you can help your pet gracefully age with these tips.
How to care for an adult betta (Siamese fighting fish), and avoid common mistakes regarding the bowl's water.
Does your pet have skin problems? Overcoming parasitic disease, nutritional deficiency, skin allergy and bacterial and fungal diseases in cats and dogs.
Ever experience the mind-bending licks of a cats tongue on your eyelids? Ever wonder why people have cats? Well, no matter your answers, this will tell you about both.
How long do cats sleep each day? Do they do most of their sleeping at night or periodically throughout the day? Should you be concerned if your cat sleeps a lot?
Safety, bonding and responsibility of children are all issues of concern for many parents who are considering adopting a pet.
Want a pet for a companion? Find out what the best pet may be for you depending on your lifestyle.
Choosing the right cat, finding a veterinarian, care guidelines, and choice of breeds.
Circus animal abuse: a five-ton circus elephant is publicly hanged for murder in Erwin, Tennessee.
How should you effectively clean a dog's ears? Will you hurt the dog? What diseases are associated with dirty ears in dogs?
Dogs and cats are prone to suffering chronic ear infections. Knowing how to clean your pet's ears can help eliminate needless suffering and save you money.
What characteristics do fish possess that cause them to fight? What upsets them? What can you do to keep your fish from fighting?
The loss of a beloved family pet can be a devastating blow, especially to children who bond easily with animals. Here are some ideas on how to cope with the death of a family pet.
Advice on dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. Ways to deal with the pain in constructive ways and help others understand.
How do you know which dog shampoo to buy? Are some better than others? Does it depend on your dog's needs?
The hanging red hummingbird feeders are poisoning our native hummingbirds - not helping! This article will explain why and how and how to really attract healthy hummingbirds to your backyard.
Advice and tips on cat nutrition and diet.
A short guide discussing the proper way of feeding your horse including the way to decide how much your horse should be fed and what type of feed.
What steps should you take when you realize you've lost your cat? What do you do immediately? Where should you look for your cat?
Ticks sucking your blood? Dog infested? Find out what they are and what to do about them.
Fleas and ticks on your cat or dog can be a nuisance as well as unhealthy. Early control of fleas and ticks is important.
Once your dog has fleas, the whole house has fleas. Learn simple ways to prevent fleas from overtaking your living space and your best friend.
Cat or dog scratching all over and getting weak? Little red bites on your ankles? Could be fleas. Find out what to do about it.
Find out what foods can harm your dog.
Raising frogs at home can be very fun and inexpensive. Here are three different frogs and frog habitats that are easy to maintain.
Have you ever considered a gerbil as a pet? Click here to find out more information about selecting, housing, handling, caring for, and raising gerbils.
Proper care for the German Shephard breed. History and facts on the German Shephard dog.
Why do dogs stink? What can you do to keep your dog from having a nasty odor?
What are the advantages and disadvantages to adopting a retired greyhound? What are the characteristics of such animals?
Should you breed your guinea pigs? How do you do it? What do you do with the little ones?
Guinea pigs make excellent pets, but their defensive natures make it difficult to diagnose and recognize early signs of illness, such as pneumonia and digestive problems, without consulting a veterinarian.
Helping the mother dog raise her puppies from birth to be big, healthy and energetic to increase value for potential buyers
Preventative procedure you can take to protect your dog from heartworms.
Caring for a hermit crab: food and shelter tips
Fresh, homemade dog biscuits are a healthy, special treat for your best friend, and this recipe is easy to make at home.
Horse training techniques: a brief guide to imprint training your foal in the first few days of its life.
Wild (feral) horses are adopted by horse lovers across the country through the Bureau of Land Management's "Adopt-a-Horse-or-burro" Program. Here are first things you need to know.
An easy guide to taking care of a hamster, including what to feed it and how to house it. Follow this advice for a happy pet!
Ways to prevent fish disease, maintain good water condition, and reduce fish stress are mentioned here to keep fishes healthy.
What kinds of things do you need to do when cleaning your hamster's cage? How do you clean it effectively?
When it comes to pet emergencies, every moment counts. Learn how to care for your pet when the worst happens.
Housetraining your new puppy is the first training you will do with him. This article explains how to do it quickly and easily.
When housebreaking a pet cats tend to be easier than dogs. Learn how to housebreak your pet!
Great Canine Cuisine! Several free homemade dog biscuit recipes.
Tips and tricks of how to best photograph a beloved pet or capture the beauty of animals in the wild.
Saddling up your horse safely and correctly. Perfect for beginners.
Bringing a new puppy home can be the most thrilling thing in the world. It can also be the most frustrating. Learn first hand and step by step how to deal with you new puppy.
Howler Monkeys are primates and have the loudest voice of all primates.
Proper care for the German Shepherd breed. History and facts on the German Shepherd dog.
Here are some pointers for determining when a child is ready for a pet. Guidelines are set forth for what animal might best suit the family.
Where do you look when your snake escapes? How do you prevent your snake from escaping?
Make your pet a star! Animal owners always dream of putting their puppies in TV commercials, but they do not know how to do it. I will give you advice on how to get your puppy on TV.
How can you make your own puppy formula? Is it as good as puppy food you buy in the store?
Mange can cause serious and intense itchy to your pets and can also be contagious. Learn how to prevent and treat mange at home.
Pot bellied pigs have become one of the most popular pets across the United States. Is this intelligent, curious animal for you?
Moving pets can be a difficult and traumatic experience. However, there are ways to make the process smoother and help your pet adjust to their new surroundings.
Puppy's eating habits changed? Don't worry! Here are some reasons why.
Proper care for your old cat can contibute to a healthier longer life.
Over the Counter medicines that you take have now been approved for pets. Dogs and cats can benefit from the same treatments you take for everything from heartburn and indigestion to pain and arthritis.
Parakeets are the most popular caged bird in the world. Easy to care for, the Budgie Parakeet makes an enjoyable family pet.
Parrot behavior: exploring the reasons behind your parrot's daily scream fests.
The actions of dogs and cats can be mystifying. Why does your dog bite the hand that feeds him? Why does your cat rub up against your leg? These answers may surprise you.
Pet birds love people food. Learn what foods you can share with your pet birds.
Pet facilitated therapy can enrich our lives. In recent years, scientific studies have shown that animals boost both our physical and mental health.
Several recipes and tips on cooking your own pet food.
Pet medicine doesn't taste good, so pets need a little help from you if they're going to take that medicine. Your dog or cat will thank you for this advice
Pet odor removal doesn't have to be an issue when dogs and cats are kept inside the home. Learn to eliminate animal odors painlessly.
Keep your children safe around pets by teaching them to recognize the meanings of animal behavior and how to respond to potentially unsafe situations.
Steps to ensure the saftey and well being of pets during the summer time heat as well as first aide tips in case of heat exhaustion or stroke.
Your dog or cat drops and sheds over a thousand hairs a day. Follow these simple steps to help take care of problem shedding and it's effect on your animal's coat.
Can skunks be litter-box trained? Are they bred in captivity? Should you or shouldn't you get a skunk as a pet?
Teaching your dog or cat to sit through a teeth care session isn't as hard as you may think. Periodontol Disease is just as hazardous to your pet's health as it is to yours'.
Learn about the benefits of pet therapy. Pets are so important to our everyday life and can be an excellent therapeutic helper to us.
According to the experts, one third of all American pets are overweight. Learn how to tell if your animal tips the scales and how to put him on a diet you both can live with.
Ideas on introducing a new baby to pets at home. Preparing the dog for an infant moving in. Guide to involving pets in the joy
If you have young children, choosing a suitable pet whether a cat or dog becomes a matter of important consideration, You must consider the responsibilities and the dangers.
Description of a Plott hound. A recognized breed of the United Kennel Club used in hunting of bear and its beauty and characteristics.
Where do poisonous fish live and what do they look like? How do they poison other animals? How potent is the poison of poisonous fish?
Many common household plants are poisonous to cats and dogs. Learn how to slow down the process and treat your pet before it's too late.
Puppy training: Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of training a puppy.
Goats are the easiest dairy animals anyone could ever raise. Learn how to raise these easy to handle animals.
Find a reptile breeder with these tips. What things should you look for in a reptile breeder? How do you know if he or she is reputable?
How do you know if you should get a reptile as a pet? What considerations should you take in mind to be sure to find a reptile that you can provide for?
How to rescue baby birds - all you need to know to successfully rescue and handfeed orphaned baby bird hatchlings.
All you need to know to successfully rescue and handfeed orphaned baby bird hatchlings
If your rodent needs a veterinarian, learn how to find one to care for your rat, hamster, or rabbit.
A brief overview on the Shetland Sheepdog breed, otherwise known as Shelties and mistaken most often for miniature Collies.
What are the pros and cons of tail docking? Should you have it done to your dog?
Should you get health insurance for your pet? What kinds of things should you consider before getting health insurance for your pets?
Is it possible to walk your at? Will they put up with a leash?Do you have to start training them early?
Is feeding your fish live food better than feeding them traditional flakes? What are the pros and cons?
Siamese cats have been called the most popular of all pedigreed cats. They are resourceful, intelligent, and have a rich history.
How do you breed your snakes? What kind of environment do snakes need in order to have sex? How do they have sex?
Should you handle a snake? How do you do it safely? What kinds of things should you keep in mind? How frequently should you handle your pet snake?
What things should you keep in mind when getting a snake as a pet? Which snakes make good pets? Which ones make bad pets?
Parrots are fairly easy animals to train once you know how to do it. It requires patience and a good working knowledge of how parrots behave.
Keep your teething puppy from destroying your possessions without killing him or yourself.
Someof the benefits that having a pet can provide for ones physical and mental health.
Parrots have long been a favored pet, due largely to their ability to mimic human speech and action.
Treating pet injuries: If you have a pet you should also have a pet first aid kit and learn to treat both minor and major injuries.
Tropical aquarium fish: What kinds of fish are good for beginning fish owners? What kinds of fish are bad? This article will give you some tips.
When considering turtles as pets, what should you look for? How much work are they to maintain? What do you need to know? Find out here.
Pet products for dogs and cats that prevent barking, fleas and more. Using these products will help your pets and you as well.
How do you know what kind of tank or environment you should maintain for your turtle? How do you construct such a house?
Not sure what kind of dog you want? Here are a few very basic considerations to think about before making your decision.
Volunteering at an animal shelter can be one of the most rewarding and life altering experiences a person can have. The dogs and cats at shelters need to be fed, walked, played with and most of loved.
How do you know when your bird is experiencing different moods? What should you do when you realize your bird is in a bad mood?
Pet allergies, and how to ease your pet's discomfort. Your pet can suffer the same irritating allergies as you.