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A breif biography of how Billy Ray Cyrus went from a Kentucky man that no one knew about to a star.
A biographical account of the Life, Music and Legacy of the Reggae superstar Bob Marley.
Buddy Holly's music still lives on today. Why? A brief overview of the artists life and accomplishments.
This Charles Mingus biography focuses on his mastery of the double bass
Charles Schultz was the creator the most popular comic strip in the history of the world. Learn more about his life.
Country music star Conway Twitty had thirty successive number one singles between 1968 and 1977. He soared to popularity by recording duos with Loretta Lynn and is best known for crooning "Hello Darlin'".
The origins of doo wop music, the trademark sound of the 1950s era, which is characteristized by it's "nonsensical" lyrics.
The composer, bandleader, and pianist known as Duke Ellington was born Edward Kennedy Ellington in Washington, D.C. on April 29, 1899.
Duke Ellington dominated the Jazz and Big Band era with hit after hit. This polite, music loving man changed the way the world looked at Jazz.
A brief biography of Elvis' career as an actor and musician, his relationship with Priscilla, where he was born and and the important dates of his life.
History of the heavy metal gods KISS! How Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss transformed into the superhero rock and roll stars.
Learn the history of one of the greatest ever Indie bands, 'The Stone Roses', and how they burst onto the Manchester music scene.
John Denver touched the hearts of countless fans, singing of the simplicity of life and nature. His record sales still top the charts, and his reach extends a helping hand even today.
Outstanding bluegrass lead singer Lester Flatt is best known as half of the legendary team of Flatt & Scruggs which dominated bluegrass music from 1948 to 1969
From humble beginnings, Loretta Lynn became an icon in Country Music. From a coal miner's daughter to a superstar musician.
Ray Davies, the genius behind the long history of the Kinks, is still going strong. No story on Mr. Davies would be complete without a Kinks history.
Reba McEntire is known as a famous country music singer, but little know that she spends a great majority of time donating to charities.
Steve Earle has had some ups and downs since Copperhead Road. He's re-surfacing with new music, a new label and a book!
The history of rap music from its inner-city roots to its breakthrough in the 80's with rappers like the Sugar Hill Gang and artists like Salt-n-Pepa.
In this Willie Nelson biography, learn about the career of Willie Nelson and why he came to be known as a man who was a great survivor.
A ranking of the top ten women in alternative music today. Among the criteria that went into the ranking are musical talent, success, and originality. There are countless other women who have, whether through their music or through less visible work, left their mark on alternative music.
Prolific songwriter and folk musician Woody Guthrie offered songs that appealed to the common man during the 1940s and 1950s.