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What are the differences between a credit union vs a bank? What do you need to know about both before deciding which to do your banking with?
A guide to financial independence. What are some things you can do to become financially independent and free? What should your goals be, what do you need to do?
Read this guide before buying homeowners insurance. Most people who choose home insurance do not know or understand the choices involved with insuring a home.
Beware credit repair companies! They may claim to fix your bad credit, but it could be a scam. Learn what to look for.
The lottery odds on scratch-and-win and other similar instant games are so high and the prize is usually so low that the best advice is not to play them at all.
Are there any hidden costs to using an ATM card? What kinds of costs should you know about? Do banks have to tell you about these costs?
Attracting new clients for your business is knowing the right things to do. Business requires strategic planning and implementation. Learn more from this article on how to attract new clients for your business.
Audit tips: What should you do if you're audited? What steps should you take?
If you do your banking with a Credit Union, you'll get more service for your money, and be charged less fees than at a bank.
This guide will help younger people learn how to invest their money wisely because the sooner you start investing the younger you will retire.
Are you being sued? What you should do when threatened with a lawsuit.
Which companies are the best countries' stock markets in which you should invest? Which ones are the worst?
Get more for your dollar and consider a biweekly mortgage. By making payments every two weeks, you may be saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.
Budget grocery shopping! Cut corners at the grocery store. Learn how to spend less and still eat well.
Learn how to budget your money properly here. The financial pressure is on - will you survive? Without a budget you won't have a prayer.
It is very important that you plan your business expansion carefully, and implement it in slow, controlled stages so that your customers and staff feel very little of the effects.
Buy real estate or sell real estate? At some point you'll need to analyze an offer to purchase or sell. This is a checklist of what you should be sure to include.
Any real estate purchase is a major decision, but when buying a condo one must investigate the options thoroughly to avoid future problems.
Buying a horse: find out how to make the big decisions before you get in over your head.
Learn the key to buying bonds. Understanding bonds, treasury bills and notes is very important when you are planning to invest in this area.
Buying insurance can be confusing. What exactly do you get when you buy a policy? The outline of the basic types of insurance will be outlined.
Buying life insurance is not like any other purchase you will make. When you pay your premiums, you're buying the future financial security for your family that only life insurance can provide.
Some tips in negotiating the best price when buying car. How to make sure you get a deal.
Don't let a car repair shop rip you off! A lot of people put their cars in their mechanics hands, sometime the problem worsen after you pick up your car from the shop.
Some so-called charities exist solely to benefit those who own the organization. How do you spot these charities? Should you give to them? How do you make this decision?
Choosing a CPA can be tricky. What are the different types of tax preparers? How do they become qualifed to be tax preparers?
Shopping with coupons at the grocery store can really help you save money. An expert shopper gives you a simple system to help you save.
How to obtain a credit report, how to repair it, How you can have credit after bankruptcy
Tips on how to avoid credit card fraud. There many things poeple can do to protect their credit card from being stolen. Learn how.
Learn how to protect your credit with these credit card protection tips.
This article shows how new and used car dealers use financing and add-on tricks to get a little extra money out of you, the consumer.
Whether you present a debit card or a credit card to a merchant makes no diference whatever to him. The difference to you may matter, and you may find it worthwhile to trade one of your credit cards for a debit card.
Who is on the front of different American coins and bills? Who is on the back of these coins and bills?
How do you know if your dry cleaner is legally to blame when he doesn't treat your clothes properly? What are you liable for? What is the cleaners liable for?
What do you need to know about earnest money contracts when you're buying a house?
What is an escrow account? How does it work? How do you choose an escrow agent? What do you need to know about escrow accounts when buying or selling a home?
Factory outlets are often part of the manufacture's old warehouse or factory, and furnishings are sparse. Credit and return policies are stricter than in retail stores. However the savings should make up for the lack of customer services.
Where should you look for money that you may not have known you had? How can you get that money?
Steps anyone can take to make the process first time home buying easier. Covers everything from search criteria to closing the deal.
A discussion of the benefits and cons of the flat tax, which has been proposed by business moguls like Dick Armey and Steve Forbes.
Learn the how-tos of flea marketinging! One of the fastest growing industries these days are flea markets. People from all walks of life converge each weekend on these sites to buy and sell their wares.
Flood insurance: who needs it, who can get it, is it affordable and other important information
People who need advice about their financial affairs can seek service for free. Find out how.
Unique and innovative fund raising ideas not only bring in more money, but get better participation from everyone involved. Here are some ideas.
Need Funds for your organization or team? Tried & true, creative ways to raise money for Uniforms, Travel expenses, programs, etc. for your Group!
A growing hobby of northern Minnesotans is spending their weekends treasure hunting at garage sales. Learn the benefits and humor behind this recreation.
Get free government grants! Considered applying for a grant but were intimidated by the rather lengthily and complicated procedure? Then maybe you need a little help finding a place to start.
How can you get the best credit card deals? Should you negotiate with credit card companies?
Dream of being your own boss? Successful strategies to assist you in your business planning. Tips on consulting professionals, business plans and free classes.
Buying a car at government auction can be complicated, but if you follow some guidelines, you may come out a winner.
Goverment grants are a source of free money. Anyone thinking about going into business for themselves, or wanting to expand an existing business should rush for the "one-step-money-stop" where Free Money flows from the Federal Government.
Grocery coupons:learn how to clip, organize and effectively use the coupons you cut, to save a lot of money on groceries.
Having a baby on a budget is an exciting, scary and expensive proposition. Here are some tips on how to take your money worries away.
A brief consumer guide to locating insurance problems. Authorization, claims, eligibility problems identified. Dealing with mental health and substance abuse carve-outs.
Set up shop in your spare bedroom and save yourself some cash. Think of the joy of not commuting and that should be an excellent reason to work from home.
How do you know what's covered and what's not covered in your plan? How do you choose the homeowner's insurance plan that's best for you?
What do you do if you're having trouble selling a piece of property? How do you make people interested in it? What steps should you take?
Workers' compensation insurance is a major expense for small business. If you shop carefully and have a safe workplace, you can keep your costs down.
Buying a good used car isn't easy. With new cars getting more and more expensive, used cars are often a money saving alternative. Here is how to find the most for your money.
Are you frustrated at not knowing why you were refusd credit? Find out how your credit rating is calculated here.
Here's how to check and order your personal credit report from the three national credit reporting bureaus.
Some ways you can check your credit report for free!
An appraiser is qualified to evaluate the worth of personal property. His or her services are invaluable for estate planning and distribution as well as insurance purposes. These hints will help choose a reputable appraiser.
Find the lowest fares around!
Learn how to get a patent. Patents give a person the exclusive right to make, use and sell an invention for a definite period of time. Patent your invention!
Learn how to get venture capital funding. Before you approach a venture capital firm, it may be useful to know what they look for.
The majority of small and medium-sized businesses, especially those whose trade is local in nature, find it advisable to incorporate for tax benefits.
How do you know if a manufactured home is right for you? What do you need to consider when deciding whether to get a manufactured home?
Why keep haording all your unwanted items in the basement or attic when you could be selling them for cash?
What kinds of things do you need to keep in mind when shopping for a car? How do you negotiate? When do you buy?
A simple filing system to lessen the chore of bill-paying.
They want you to write a check, but at what price are you putting your privacy at risk. Protect yourself by taking these two steps.
Learn how to read a stock quote. This article breaks down a stock quotes into small pieces in order to explain what each one means
How can you tell the difference between a multi-level marketing opportunity and an illegal pyramid scheme? What do you need to know about both before you invest?
Become a good and Effective Human Resource Manager by following some simple tips. Get along with subordinates and get the job done.
Income tax audit advice. Income tax audits aren't fun, but they can be a little less painful with these tips.
Which income tax deductions are the most overlooked? How can you cash in?
An estimate of $10 billion a year is lost to investment scams. Don't be a victim.
If you're in business, you have around a 1 in 100 chance of being audited by the IRS. If you run a business from home, your chances go up about four times. If your being audited, here's help.
Should you and your wife get an individual or joint account? What kinds of things do you need to consider?
Life insurance guide: What is life insurance? How does it work? When do you collect? How much life insurance should you buy?
What steps should you take if you can't repay your loan? How can you make the situation right?
Long term investing: why should long term investors never sell their stocks? Here are the reasons some Wall Street experts give.
Learn nine ways that you can lower your auto insurance costs and save money.
Since almost every household in the country has a VCR, you can bet that almost every wedding has a video.
What are the best ways to maximize your 401k savings plan? How can you get the most out of your investments?
Whether an employee makes a personal decision to quit a job or is terminated by his supervisor, there are five common mistakes he or she could make while making the transition from one job to another.
Planning on investing? What are the different types of mutual funds? Which one is right for you?
Starting in 1999, each state will be honored on its own quarter with the first five coins being Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut.
Non profit fundraising is both fun and easy. Get started by following these guidelines and check out the exciting, innovative ideas to generate funds.
Time was when a man's word was as good as his bond. But nowadays, even the signatures of many persons are worthless - especially to retailers who are stuck with bad checks.
A pawnshop makes loans on personal property left as collateral. The property can be redeemed when the loan plus interest is repaid.
Some tips and strategies you can employ in order to collect overdue payments.
What is a personal financial planner? The different types of financial planners and how they can help you efficiently spend and save money.
Increase your phone savings with these tips.
Planned obsolescence: here are some warning signs that a product may become obsolete too soon.
Planning a budget you can live on is easier than you think. Follow these simple steps to begin realizing your financial goals.
Planning on retiring someday? Effective retirement planning means investing in IRAs, mutual funds, life insurance policies while you’re still young enough to reap the benefits.
the benefits of portfolio diversification and why it should be the first step in investing...
The New York Life insurance company, has been Auditing hospital bills and they have found out that the average hospital bills always contain errors. Most of these mistakes are made by the clerks and the assistants.
Product liability law and whether a manufacturer or seller may be held liable for injuries caused by a dangerous or defective product.
Protecting privacy and ensuring the security of your transactions online, on the telephone, and around the home are critical in this information age.
What can you do to protect yourself against credit card fraud? What things should you keep in mind?
This article is about what a psychic hotline is all about. It explains why the charge so much, what the definition of a Psychic is, how a psychic gets paid, and some of things to watch out for Psychic Line Scams. It also tell you the best way to not get screwed out of alot of money over the 900 calls.
A brief description of raising rabbits and how to make a profit with them.
Hospital bills can be shocking and it can put you in debt for a long time, and it can also take away your saving account. The best way to solve this problem is to learn how to keep down the hospital bills.
Renting to contracts have come under scrutiny from consumer groups. Are their practices fair? Here's some information to help you decide.
What can you expect in a rental car contract? What do you need to know about it before you sign on the dotted line?
Restaurant tipping! Many of us often wonder how much tip should we give when dining out. Here are some useful guidelines.
Learn simple stock strategies which will improve your monthly return to twenty percent on average.
Some tips to save on life insurance: If your family would be unable to make the mortgage payment without your income, then you need life insurance. You have to choose between two basic types. Whole life and term life.
What can you do to save yourself money when you make long-distance phone calls? Why do these tactics work?
People spent a lot of money on batteries, if we follow these process below, we can save a lot of money on batteries.
Here are 10 painless ways to open a savings account. Many people struggle with starting a savings plan. Yet, saving is something most of us need to do.
You too can break into the scrap metal recycling business on a shoestring and turn someone else's junk into gold. Start out by becoming a "local junk dealer."
Learn how to sell your baseball and other sports cards, when you decide that it is time to invest your money in something else.
When selling your own home your first consideration should be your reason for selling. While this is a private concern it will weight heavily in motivating the seller in negotiating the sale.
Shopping for clothing on a budget means spending as little as you have to. Some tips on where to shop and how to save money.
What kinds of things do you need to be cautious of when you're shopping on the Internet? How can you be sure you're not being ripped off?
When a decision needs to be made to buy or lease a car, consider and compare, what is best for you personally.
Should you cosign for your child's loan? What kinds of things should you consider before agreeing?
It's one of the latest trends in home investing. Consumers can get credit cards that borrow from their home equity. Is this a good deal?
Basic MBA information
A good summer job for students with the initiative to start their own service. Great money, with flexible hours.
Starting an internet company sounds difficult, but it may be a cheap and easy process if you know what to do.
What's a stock investment club? How can it help you? How can you get involved with one?
The basics of stock option trading using simple and clear examples.
These stock trading tips help keep it simple, especially if you have little money to start with.
Some different ways you can earn tax free income.
Teach your children about money at an early age by giving an allowance. Good saving habits created early in life will have a big payback later on.
What are some different types of telemarketing scams? What do you need to look out for?
In 1970, the first major federal law designed to protect the privacy of individuals was passed. It was called the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
The terms of the fair debt collection practice act: You may owe someone money, but are they harassing you? There are legal limits as to how far they can go to collect your debts.
Tips to help you and your family save money. Ways to make sure your family has budget to fit their needs.
The global marketplace has influenced a cultural expansion in American society. Learn how.
Thrifty habits, which practiced regularly, will help you save money on household expenses. Its fast, fun and easy!
Read these tips before buying a condiminium. Before signing any contract for a new condominium, which is harder to check out than an established condominium, buyers should study the prospectus for any of these pitfalls.
Tips on leasing an automobile. My experience with a lease.
When making large purchases, consumers should understand the terms of their finance contracts. Otherwise, that sofa or entertainment system could end up costing them hundreds of dollars more. The finance plans we’ve all heard about on the radio and on TV — such as “No payments until the year 2001,” six months same as cash and zero percent financing for 12 months — don’t necessarily mean free cash.
Consult this guide before buying a used car! Learn how to check out a used car, there is not need to hire a mechanic, you can do this yourself.
Craft sellers at a show must compete with every other booth around them in order to attract customers. Here are some professional sales techniques, including piggybacking, positioning and packaging, that will help increase business at your craft show booth.
What do you need to know before you answer the ad in your local newspaper about automatic vending machine sales? Are they rip offs? How can you be sure you're getting a good deal?
What should a sales contract contain? What steps should you take to make sure you're getting a good deal?
When you hear the price of your manufactured home, what does that price inclue? What doesn't it include?
Legal aid is an office that provides free legal help to those who cannot afford to pay for it. Learn about legal aid!
A class action law suit is an exception to the usual rule of lawsuits. Learn why and how they are filed as well as, what they mean.
A patent for an invention is a grant of a property right by the Government to the inventor (or his heirs or assigns), acting through the Patent and Trademark Office.
With an adjustable-rate mortgage, your future monthly payment is uncertain. Some types of ARMs put a ceiling on your payment increase or rate increase from one period to the next.
IRA's are easy and useful. Here's how to use one
A breif explanation of the (gross domestic product)GDP and its economic use for understanding the economy.
What are the options when choosing a mutual fund? What type of fund should you get?
this article explains how the cpi is calculated and what it is used for as well as why it is so important
The Truth in Lending Act which was the first general federal consumer protection legislation. Learn what this act is and how it is used.
Understanding our money personality will help us develop a sane relationship money.
Alternate methods to help with maxing out your 401k
What is an adjustable rate mortgage? How do they work? How do you know if they're right for you?
When to sell your stocks. How do you know when the market is in the best position for you to sell your stocks? Here are some tips.
The legal profession is now entering its own malpractice law suits. The number of suits brought against attorneys by clients is increasing, and the availability of malpractice insurance is decreasing.
What is a manufactured home? How do you choose a good manufactured home retailer that fits your needs? How do you know if the dealer is legitimate?
So, you want to start a new business. The first step is to write a successful business plan. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a business plan that wins profits!
Save money by being a savvy shopper at yard sales. Learn how to find what you want at a bargain price.