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What do American wedding customs like throwing rice, having a wedding cake, wearing a white gown etc. mean? How did they come about?
This anniversary gift guide outlines which gifts are appropriate for which anniversary? As you progress with your life together, what should you get your spouse for different yearly anniversaries?
Appropriate wedding attire for the various members of your weedding party during the ceremony and reception, the rehearsals, and etc.
Bad jokes on marriage!
What makes happy couples and how to improve relationships to make them lasting and happy.
What are some good emotion-filled songs you may want to have played at your reception? Why?
What accessories does a bride need for her wedding gown? What are they used for? Do you really need them?
Games you can play at your bridal shower to liven things up a bit for your up-coming bridal shower and give some extra jazz for your guests.
Choosing a brides hair style isn't easy. Whatever you choose you will look back on for years to come so you have to make sure you get it right.
What exactly is a bridesmaids duty on the wedding day?
People cancel weddings, for various reasons. This article offers advice on the hard part-actually telling your guests and family.
What are the different customs in an Asian wedding? How did they come about? What should you expect if you're going to attend an Asian wedding?
How do you pick out the ideal engagement and wedding rings? Some tips for shopping for rings.
For a truly memorable wedding gift, be creative! Check out these ideas and show the bride and groom how much you care.
Try these ideas for a creative wedding video you can watch year after year.
What things should you consider before you agree to a double wedding with your friend or family member? What are the common concerns people have about double weddings?
Thinking about engagement ring design? This article will help you decide which engagement ring gemstone you really want.
What are the international customs you can expect to be a part of if you're going to a wedding in Europe? What do you need to know about European wedding cultures?
What things do you need to consider when deciding how much alcohol to serve at your wedding reception? How do you decide how much alcohol you need to make sure everyone has a good time?
Should you pay for it with cash, by check, or with a credit card? Which is best? Why?
You fly people in from all across the country in order to see you join in matrimony with your spouse-to-be. But how do you make sure they fully enjoy their time in the city? How do you create a "city guide" for them? What attractions, hotels, restaurants and maps should be included?
What's the best way to buy for an engagement ring? How can you get the best deal and have it mean something special?
To have the wedding you really want, achieving perfect understanding with your wedding vendors is crucial.
When you invite children to your wedding, you want them to be happy and quiet during the ceremony and have fun during the reception. What are some easy ways to do this?
Here are some ways to put the passion back in your marriage.
A short description on how marriages in India come about and the level of family ties and bonding Indians share.
We all want a wonderful wedding or baby shower, but we don't want to spend everything on it.
What considerations are there to planning an interfaith wedding ceremony? How do you properly balance the two religions? What are some good ways to avoid problems?
Japanese weddings are a curious mix of old and new in many different ways. From the meeting to the ceremony to the reception, little twists give an unexpected lift.
Once you have decided to get married you need to announce your plans - but how do you go about doing it?
What kinds of things will be included on your marriage license? What process do you need to go through to obtain one? What else do you need to know about marriage licenses before you sign on the dotted line?
If you're getting married, should you change your name to your husband's? What kinds of things should you consider? What are some alternatives to changing your name? What are some tips to help you make this decision?
Here are some marriage tips on how to make your relationship last.
What are the customs of Mormon wedding ceremonies? Why do they do the things they do? What do you need to know about a Mormon wedding before you attend?
Helpful tips for the mother of the bride to avoid stress and anxiety when planning your daughter's wedding.
How do you decide which music should be played or performed at your wedding ceremony and reception? What are some good tunes to play?
What are the customs of Muslim weddings? Why do they do the things they do? What do you need to know about a Muslim wedding before you attend?
The romance and mystique of an overseas wedding can beckon many. But just how much is involved in actually making it reality? An overview of the legalities and logistics of getting married in a foreign country.
What are the best ways to preserve your flowers so you can save them for posterity? How can you ensure they'll truly last forever?
What are the customs of a Protestant wedding? What do you need to know if you're about to attend a Protestant wedding?
What are the customs of Quaker weddings? Why do they do the things they do? What do you need to know about a Quaker wedding before you attend?
Music and entertainment can make a big impact at a wedding reception. Here's some advice on hiring mobile disc jockeys.
In a happy marriage, both wife and husband feel that their emotional needs are fulfilled, and each partner enriches the life of the other. Here's the recipe.
Here are some things you can do to resolve marital conflict and stay happy together
With so many music choices out there for weddings how do you know which to choose for a romantic wedding reception?
Include your children in the wedding ceremony for a great start. In remarriage, it's important to consider the feelings of the bride and groom's children.
How to decide if you should have a gift registry. Where should you list your gifts?
Once you're divorced, it may seem easiest to use your original rings the second time around. But is it the best idea? Here are some tips.
What do different types of flowers mean during a wedding ceremony? How do you know which flowers you should get? What is the symbolism of these flowers?
Theme ideas for weddings and receptions and helpful hints for brides who want to have the wedding friends and family remember for years!
Tipping guidelines for your wedding service. How much should you tip those who provide services for your special day? The caterer? The limo driver? etc.
How can you customize your wedding in order to make it special and unique to the two of you? What kinds of things can you do to make it unique?
Finding unique wedding rings - How do you go about choosing the right ones, and what do they mean?
What are the customs of Unitarian weddings? Why do they do the things they do? What do you need to know about a Unitarian wedding before you attend?
If you're looking for a unique place to hold your wedding reception, what kinds of places to consider? This is a list of ideas for you.
What should you talk with the chaplain about during the wedding counseling? What do you want to be sure to let him know in order to ensure the wedding goes as you want it to go?
Wedding flower arrangement advice! Which bouquets should be used at the ceremony? Which should be used at the reception? Which flowers can you take from the ceremony to also use at the reception?
What is proper wedding gift etiquette?What do you need to know about returning or exchanging your wedding gifts?
What is proper wedding etiquette when you'd rather get cash from your guests than gifts? How can you politely ask for cash?
What kinds of gifts should be included in a wedding gift registry? What do you want to be sure not to leave out?
What is proper guest etiquette for different situations while you're attending a wedding?
What is the best wedding invitation etiquette? How many people should you put on your guest list? What's the best way to narrow your list?
What should you say in your wedding invitation? Different types of weddings require different types of statements in your invitations. What is appropriate for your wedding?
Choosing a wedding love poem for recital at your wedding can be a daunting task. However if you choose the perfect poem for the couple, it's easy.
How can you most appropriately decorate your wedding reception area? How do you make it festive? Where do you want to be sure to put decorations?
What kinds of food should be served at your wedding reception? What are some good rules of thumb to follow when deciding how much food you should serve?
Choosing the best wedding reception music. Best first dance ideas, too!
Provides tips on choosing your wedding reception site, location ideas for indoor and outdoor weddings, and important planning considerations you can't afford to forget!
What eactly goes into a wedding quote? The most popular theme is love quotations.
What are the appropriate seating arrangements for your wedding ceremony? What is proper etiquette for placing your guest? Find out here.
Ten great wedding shower party games which have been field tested at several showers. A good variety of team and individual, active and easy games.
What do you need to know about coping with wedding stress? What are the best things you can do in order to stay as calm as possible during this most trying of times?
If you're looking to have a theme to your wedding but not quite sure how to make it special, what do you need to know? This is a list of some interesting theme ideas for your reception and how you can make them happen.
Gone are the days when the bride is driven to the church or reception in a plain classic car - go for something more original and wow your wedding guests!
Marriage is always getting a bum rap. Marriage is a wonderful union that should be portrayed in a positive light. Here are 5 Myths about marriage dispelled.
How do you know who is supposed to pay for what when planning for a wedding? What is proper etiquette?
How should you go about writing your own wedding vows? What kinds of things can you do to bring out the deepest in meaning and love in your statements?
If you are thinking of having a civil ceremony did you know that you can write your own wedding vows?