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The elderly can suffer from alchoholism just as much as our youth.
Learn how to avoid sweepstakes fraud. You go to your mailbox today and find an official document from an Awards Committee claiming that you've JUST WON $5,000! Don't get excited just yet.
What should you expect in a contract with a continuing care retirement community?
In order to retire early, you must have a plan. Here is one fool proof way to do it.
Affording long-term nursing home care is not an easy issue. Where will the money come from to pay for your parents' or grandparents' nursing home stays? How do you know which choice is best for you? Here are your options.
There are housing options for seniors. Where and how people choose to live as they age is a critical factor in determining a person’s level of happiness and independence. Learn about the alternatives.
How to keep in touch with your grandchildren across the miles to stay an active part of their lives
What steps should you take if you're not happy with the care your parents or grandparents are receiving in their nursing homes? How can you get results? Who do you need to contact?
What kinds of care should you expect from a nursing home? What are some of the alternatives to nursing homes?
Nutrition for seniors: our dietary needs change as we grow older. Here's a look at how it changes and how to eat healthy.
What are some different ways to finance for a retirement community? Do these facilities offer payment plans?
Retirement income: how much money do you need to have in your pocket by the time you retire in order to enjoy your later years? What are some good rules of thumb?
Being faced with selecting a nursing home for a parent can be frightning if you don't know what to look for or where to find it.
Try these senior dating tips! Dating at retirement age can be the best dating of your life.
Senior citizens and OTC drugs and adverse drug interactions
As a Yellow Door volunteer, I experienced what it's like to be a senior citizen alone in the big city. I learned to help and appreciate these wonderful people.
What are the best states to live for the best tax rates during retirement? Why are they good states to live in?
The Pilgrim Project trains volunteers to provide emotional support to those living with life threatening disease.
Wedding advice for older couples. What special considerations are there if you decide to get married at an older age?
A senior-specific discussion of headaches, their types and causes.
What can you expect your nursing home contract to contain? How do you know if you're getting ripped off?