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A humorous approach to the crazy journey known as pregnancy. A list of things that I wish I had known about pregnancy before it happened to me!
Assisted reproductive technology has provided some new options for couples wanting to have children. How does technology play a role in child birth?
Descriptions of ten great baby shower games which have been field tested at several showers.
The easiest step-by-step guide on baby shower planning. Every woman deserves the best and you can throw her the best party possible!
Breast feeding vs. bottle feeding will ALWAYS be a debate. You should educate yourself before making a decision.
Information and tips regarding common breastfeding problems including thrush, plugged ducts, and mastitis in the breastfeeding mother.
Overcome common breast feeding problems with these tips.
What's best - breast feeding or specially developed formula? The evidence is in - make sure you know what's best for your child.
Describes how a mother can go back to work and still continue to nurse her infant.
The benefits of breast milk for your baby largely outweigh formula feeding. Why is breastfeeding more nutritional than formula for your newborn?
Child birth preparation tips for spouses and partners
What are some common congenital birth defects? How can you gage your future child's risk?
How to ease pains and discomforts during Pregnancy. What to do for morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and leg swelling.
Learn the effects of exposure to toxins on pregnancy and prenatal development, with a focus on the timing of exposure.
Could you handle an emergency delivery? Where will you be when the baby comes? Get up to speed with this 8 point essentials guide.
Women easily shed the pounds after the birth of their child with these simple post-pregnancy exercises.
In addition to basic fertility statistics, this page offers a summary of current fertility drugs.
A natural approach to pregnancy using herbal teas, also called infusions. Advice on preventing pre-eclampsia, toxemia, heartburn and constipation.
When preparing your birth plan, you should be aware of common hospital interventions in labor and delivery. Most of these are optional and can be refused by a laboring woman.
The following are important terms that every woman should know before going into labor.
The following natural labor induction techniques are much less risky than drug induced labor. Use the techniques early in the day when you are well rested.
Common nursing problems include the following: engorgement, irritated nipples, milk supply problems, inverted nipples, thrush, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, and breast abscess.
nurseing a newborn can be really painful, but doen't need to be. One moms experience.
Which herbs should you use for pregnancy and childbirth. Prepare for labor and birth with herbs that can strengthen your uterus and prevent postpartum hemorrhage.
Pregnancy in older women: How do you decide if you should have a child in your 40's? What are the risks/joys associated with this?
Planning for your pregnency is crucial. What kinds of things should you expect to happen during and after your pregnancy?
Pregnancy skin problems: what to do for acne, oily skin, brown spots etc during hormonal changes in pregnancy.
Ten important warning signs to be aware of during pregnancy.
While pregnancy is usually centered around the woman and her feelings during this emotional time, there is also the man's point of view to be considered in all of this.
There are certain things you should consider when preparing for a home birth. From practical concerns to personal preferences, you should be prepared well BEFORE you go into labor.
Learn the signs, causes and prevention of miscarriage. A miscarriage is a pregnancy that ends by itself within the first 20 weeks, and it is usually because the pregnancy is not developing normally.
Ways a woman can have a speedy recovery from a c-section birth, whether that birth is planned or emergency.
stage of child birth: All women labor differently and on their individual time clocks. There are, however, some basic signposts which can indicate how labor is progressing.
During an otherwise normal low-risk pregnancy, travel can be planned most safely between the eighteenth and thirty second weeks.
Treatment for postpartum depression: advice on how to help yourself cope with the problems
Unique birth announcements: creative ideas for telling the world about your new baby.
Toxemia is one of the more serious conditions of pregnancy. Also known as preeclampsia, it affects 5 to 10% of pregnant women.
What is world breast feeding week and what is the history of this annual celebration of lactation?