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Here are 5 parenting tips for new fathers that they don't tell you at the hospital. Fatherhood and newborn care is a new life for you, too.
What exactly is a best man's responsibility on his best friend's wedding day? Learn it here.
Society has blamed women for years for pregnancy problems/Infertility, but researchers have found out that when a couple is unable to conceive, the male is responsible, at least 40 percent of the time. There are many cures for male infertility. I will list ways to avoid being infertile.
Why do men have Commitment Phobia? Get him to say "Yes!" to that big M word. Practice your womanly wiles. Our congratulations are waiting!
My feelings towards fatherhood. The changes and the rewards.
Learn how to make gifts for your dad on Father's Day that he will always remember and cherish.
Tips and ideas for home-made as well as storebought gifts for dads for any occasion
A short article listing a number of different gift ideas for Grandpa's next present.
Which suit is right for you? That depends on your build and height. Below a look at what to consider when shopping for a new suit.
How to tie, both the traditional and non-traditional ties, plus a how to guide for tying a knot.
Learning to be a stepfather is a continual process, but these ideas may help you know where to begin.
Male menopause happens when testosterone level drops. It affects all men and women.
What makes an outfit complete is the accessories. For men, choose a signature piece such as a watch. Cuff links and belts are other possibilities for the fashion concsious male.
What kinds of things should the fathers of the bride and groom be responsible for in the weeks an months leading up to the wedding? What can the fathers expect?