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Are immunizations necessary? It seems as if we are expected to immunize our children, no questions asked. Why, though, are many informed people having second thoughts? And what does this mean for your family?
If your child has a hard time getting through bathtime, try these simple and fun ideas to make bathtime more fun.
Baby proofing your home is essential in the safety of your child. There are many hidden dangers, and proper child-proofing will help protect your baby.
Learn all about bike safety for kids to prevent accidents and injuries before buying a bicycle for a child
What safety equipment should you get for your child's bike? What are the different types of equipment available on the market?
Tips on riding a bike safely on the street or in the mountains.
There are lots of good breast feeding techniques to help you successfully breast feed your baby. Babies who are breast fed benefit greatly in many ways.
What type of bike should you buy your child? How do you know which bike is right for your kid?
Babies are often born with sensitive skin, and develop rashes and dry patches. Careful examination of methods of care and a skin friendly routine may help.
How to help your children develop sound mental health.
A discussion of the normal and healthy child growth, weight gain and height of infants and children through the age of five years.
What immunizations should your children get? When should they get them? How many doses do they need of each? What does each do? Learn more here.
Why all the debate about childhood immunizations? Here you'll find the common arguments for an against immunizing your child to help you make an informed decision.
Describes diseases that can be prevented by immunizations and vaccination. A brief history of vaccines and an immunization schedule for children from birth to six years of age.
Help with childproofing your home, a necessity if you're expecting children.
Childproofing your house can seem like a daunting task, but step by step, you can have your home safe for baby and give yourself some peace of mind.
Teach your children to control their weight by controllong inappropriate dietary urges without dieting.
Pneumonia hits children particularly hard. Whether caused by a virus or bacteria, treatment and prevention are important. Treatment can usually be done at home.
Features to look for when purchasing kids' bike helmets, for safety and comfort; and how to help your youngster WANT to wear one.
Middle Ear Barotrauma and Swimmer's Ear are common ear problems for children. Swimmer's Ear is usually caught in a pool and Middle Ear Barotrauma is suffered as a result of changing air pressure in airplanes.
Giving a child medicine can be difficult. However, if you're prepared things can be a little easier.
What are the common childhood illnesses to watch out for and how parents can help their children.
How to deal with it when your child is constipated. Like adults, children vary in how often they open their bowels and sometimes parents can mistake their child's natural pattern for constipation.
What to do when your baby gets fever...
Crib death, otherwise known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,is a frightening threat to babies because it is 100% unpredictable. There are, however, some preventive measures that parents can take.
Dealing with a colic baby: A crying baby is hard to handle. But, one that has colic and cries for hours on end is even harder to handle.
Starting babies on solids too early can be bad for their little systems and can cause food allergies later in life among other problems.
Dental care for babies: starting your children young can insure that they will experience good dental health all through life.
Depression in children: signs, symptoms, triggers and treatment for children with depression.
Diaper rash is usually mild and disappears within 24 hours, but it has the potential to become more severe and should be paid close attention. Learn more.
A guideline to help parents who have a child with an eating disorder. Anorexia and Bulimia can have a profound affect on a family. Dealing with the situation effectively is essential to your child's survival.
How you can work with your toddler with Down syndrome to develop better motor skills to help them crawl, walk and talk.
Information about bedwetting in children.
In dealing with a diagnosis of epilepsy every parent has feelings, questions and concerns. This will help address some of the issues parents must face.
Food is generally the first thing to cause an allergic reaction in infants. Symptoms of food allergies includes hives, wheezing, crying, and vomiting.
Feeding children is a tough task here are some hints to help get them to eat food that is good for them.
Formula feeding may be the right choice for you and your baby. Formula-fed babies can get the proper nutrition they need when you are well informed on bottle feeding.
How to safeguard children from pesticides and genetically modified foods.
Help your baby or toddler get to sleep through the night as well as helping him fall asleep. Tips for parents to set sleep-patterns.
Glue ear - what is it? Learn how to spot the symptoms of this condition in children.
Kid and parents' will love these healthy brown bag lunches -healthy food in rolls, pitas, subs, sandwiches and muffins. Junk food is history!
There are ways to disguise some really healthy foods so that your kids will eat them and even love them!
A healthy snack for children which they can make themselves with real oranges. Pop them in the freezer or the refrigerator for an even tastier treat.
This homemade baby food recipe will help you make your own baby food! It's easy, saves you money, and can be more nutritious than jarred baby food.
Concerned about your kids safety this summer? Learn how to avoid heatstroke, dehydration and keep your kids safe with SPF's.
Your baby has started to crawl. Keep your child safe with these simple and effective suggestions to childproof your home.
Learn how to perform child cpr. What to do if your child's heart stops beating or they have stopped breathing.
Beginning breast feeding introduces a woman to an entire new vocabulary. Find out what people are talking about when they say "latch-on" or "let-down."
Which immunizations does your infant need and when do they get them? Includes a chart to help keep track of your baby's shots.
Jaundice affects more than half of infants and is considered normal. Some types of jaundice can be dangerous, and you should know the difference.
Following these simple infant nutrition guidlines, when introducing solid foods, will insure that your infant get the highest nutritional value from mealtime for growth in the first year of life.
Exploring the cause and effect of iron deficiency anemia in infants and children will give caregivers symptoms to look for and guidlines on how to prevent the condition
These lunchbox ideas give you tips for packing healthy and interesting lunches for school-age children -- foods from sandwiches to fruits, and kids will eat them all!
Follow these nutrition tips to ensure a picky toddler receives the minimum daily requirements of nutrients as outlined in the Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children.
How to help obese and overweight children by correcting their eating habits, make life-style changes and implementing exercise.
It is never too early for kids to begin a physical fitness program.
Five common household plants that may be toxic to your children and their symptoms.
Simple ideas to make your child's upcoming surgery less stressful for both you and your child.
Teach your child to eat healthy foods and like it!
Most childhood sleep problems occur only at certain ages, are temporary, and disappear as the child grows older. Learn more.
Babies with colic seem to be inconsolable and this can be very frustrating for the parent. There are methods that can help calm your baby.
Find out what causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) You can prevent sudden infant death syndrome.
Teach your children healthy eating habits without having to resort to a battle of wills.
Learn about the effects of television on children. What can you do to get your kids away from your television set? What should you do with them once they're no longer watching TV?
Tips for helping your overweight child lose weight and be more active and healthy.
Heathful vegetarian recipies your kids will love to eat and have fun making too. Homemade pizza, and chocolate mousse, no one will ever know it's made with tofu.
The symptoms of colic include episodes of uncontrollable crying which tend to occur at a predictable time of the day or night. Learn more!
Croup is a contagious viral infection of the upper and lower airways Learn how to identify and treat croup.
Parents struggle all the time with knowing when to call the doctor for their sick child. Here are things that need attention right away