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5 steps to make your kids smarter, to prepare them for school, and to prepare them for success in life.
Twelve kid-tested children’s stories, recommended by parents and childcare providers and sure to make reading a treat for you and your child together.
A description of my teaching experience in the poor rural South. Describes the desperate situation which the students face and which I face as I try to teach.
Academic Decathlon is a difficult and time consuming competition entered by dedicated highschool students. A look into what they go through.
A comparison of active vs. passive learning and the difference between the types of active and passive classes as it relates to learning.
Baby Sign Language has become a popular phenomenon all across the world as more researchers find it increases their IQ.
Materials needed for ‘Bug hunting with kids’. Where to find and what to do with the insects once you have them.
The debate over capital punishment that has been raging since 1976 over whether the death penalty is constitutional.
What are charter schools? How do they work? What are the pros and cons you should consider before enrolling your children in charter schools?
Charter schools were conceived less than 15 years ago. What are they and how have they caught on with the general public?
Chess in the schools provides children a way to plan and use strategy in controlled competitive enviornment. These skills can be carried over into real life.
As a result of computer technology children are learning via the computer and not through human interaction. What are the cons of this form of learning?
Some advice for guiding your children's development and education
Coach your youth little league and softball players and teach them the proper way to hit. They will be more succesfull if they learn the proper fundamentals.
Creative writing for kids
How to help your children get the most from their toys and games.
Schools must take steps to ensure a healthier environment for its students and not minimize the impact they have on the environment.
There tons of family board games that are on the market but finding a good board game is not easy. I will tell you the best board games to buy and to play.
What federal education standards should you know about? Education is moving closer to national educational standards. What should you know as a parent in order to best prepare your children?
What can you do to best prepare your children for their first day of school experience? What techniques can you use?
Getting ready for school after a long summer, may require a little routine and structure for a smooth transition. Responsibility and discipline are essential for academic success.
Getting your children to love reading is not something that just happens, but by following these simple steps, you will be well on your way.
Where do you get chicken eggs? What happens with the chickens when your class is done with the experiment.
Ways to encourage your child to learn to read words and eventually stories and books.
Learning to multiply is an important skill for student success. Using multiplication flash cards, parents can help their children learn basic multiplication facts.
Explains how to use the publishing programme on your computer to make a pre-reader for your preschool child.
Simple home sience projects you can do at home to demonstrate various scientific properties and foster a healthy intrest in science.
General information on how to begin homeschooling and how to decide if homeschooling is right for you. Gives tips on legal issues and curriculum.
Homeschooling lessons, helpful hints and suggestions to begin homeschooling your children. Specific tips to keep the homeschool experience fun, relevant, and exciting for your family.
Learn how to ensure ivy league admission for your child by giving them that extra egde.
Helping your child with their homework doesn't mean giving them the answers. There are ways to help them without doing the work yourself.
What are some ways your kids can increase their SAT scores? What are some techniques successful students use and why do they work?
Parents of clingy preschoolers, don't despair! Follow these tips for avoiding teary partings and rowdy behavior when dropping off or picking up at day care
How to teach social manners and moral values to kids.
When should you start teaching your child a foreign language? What are some techniques you should consider?
The importance of reading to children cannot be overstated. Children of all ages will find reading interesting if they are exposed to books in their areas of interest.
Practical information on meeting the needs of your gifted child through homeschooling. Advice on writing a curriculum, finding books and teaching math.
How to teach writing to a child and make it fun at the same time!
Creative tips on keeping your children busy rather than bored during school vacations. Learn how to turn that frown upsidedown and make a memory!
Kindergarten readiness: A guide to helping your child get ready for kindergarten. Includes what skills are expected of kindergartners and what you can work on at home.
Kindergarten readiness is all about skills and preparation. Learn how to mentally and physically prepare your child for that important transition into school.
Literacy education: Developing countries still have a long way to go as far as achieving literacy is considered. Is there a better way to solve this problem?
Help your school-age child learn to read! From reading contests, library visits and keeping a journal, there are many creative ways to make reading fun.
Here are some math anxiety techniques for children to insure that they don't grow up fearing numbers.
Tips to help your preschool aged child grasp the abstract fundementals of math, giving them a solid foundation for higher math in the future.
Math games and activities you can play with your child to help them understand numbers, and math concepts.
Montessori schools have become increasing popular as early childhood education. But many critics believe that the deficits of this curriculum outweigh the benefits of this type of education.
How-to motivate your children to develop a love for books and read more.
Choosing multicultural children's literature for your children is vital to their development as compassionate people. Here's what to look for at your library.
Using multiple choice test psychology to improve scores.
Advice on how to tell if your toddler is ready for potty training.
Preparing for kindergarten is a necessary step in the education of your child. This article explains what you should teach your child before beginning school.
An article offering tips for preparing your child for the first day of school.
Tips for nurturing your gifted and talented child so that they blossom into high potential adults.
You can start teaching responsibility to kids at the age of 2 years. With these ideas and tips they will learn and develop good habits and think for themselves.
Reading aloud to your child as an infant, or even in-utero can make a difference in their Intellectual Development.
In this fun chemistry project, you can learn how to turn sugar grains into sugar molecules. Then see the sugar reform into large crystals or rock candy. When done, you can eat your experiment!
Knowing about the basic speech and forensics events can help you decide to participate in or learn more about competitions.
Try this spelling help for terrible spellers. There are a number of things you can do to improve your spelling. Learn how.
Weekday mornings do not have to be a hectic fight coupled with a race to school every day. Preplanning will allow mornings in your house to go more smoothly.
Scholastic Chess Clubs are on the rise in the United States. You can start a successful Scholastic Chess Club in your community using the ideas in this article.
Study techniques that can help the ADD or ADHD child. Here are some study tricks that will raise those grades!
If you can read, you can teach your child to read. Follow these easy steps!
Parents: Teach your child to read better
Learn how to help your children identify and express their emotions. Give kids permission to feel. Show them what to do with their feelings.
A letter to inspire teachers to go the extra distance needed to touch a child's life.
Without a doubt, one of the most useful tools parents can teach their children has to do with managing money. This is a no-nonsense look at how to teach what money is and ways to manage it wisely.
How to foster healthy money attitudes in your children.
It’s very important that you teach your children about the rewards and risks of money management, so that they are equipped to pursue he goals of happiness, self-empowerment and material success.
The purpose of this article is to discuss why it is important to teach children social responsibility and to provide information on how to do so.
Teaching children to read doesn't have to be a huge time expenditure. Parents should try to read with their children at least once a day at a regularly scheduled time.
Teaching child to write: In this day of television, video games and constant entertainment, the art of writing can be lost on children. Here are ways to encourage them to begin.
This article on teaching creativity will add a spark to your writing, artistic or musical skills. It aims at "unblocking" your creative skills, so that you are inspired.
How to teach fire safety to children. Help them to appreciate fire and wean them off playing with fire.
Teaching kids good manners helps them to learn respect, consideration and gratitude.
We all carry a calculator that is simple to use and that will make it easy to teach and learn the times tables from 6 to 10.
Introducing children to poetry at home or in the classroom through writing activities can be easy and fun.
Teaching children to read in easy steps, from preschool age and up. Make reading a fun activity and open up your childs world.
When to teach your child to read and how to go about teaching a child to read.
Teaching your child to read better: Reading at home on a regular schedule improves students' reading abilities.
How to make reading interesting for your child so that they learn faster and enjoy reading for a lifetime.
How can you teach your children about investing in the stock market? What are some techniques you should consider?
How do you instill good values in your children? What techniques should you use?
Telephone conferencing with the teacher can be an occasion to establish rapport while teaming. Parent conferences improve student behavior through agreed discipline measures.
Get your kids reading! Children need support to be natural readers. Learn ten tried and true ways to develop the reading instinct in your kids.
Should you enroll your daughter in a girl's school? What kinds of things should you consider before you jump right in?
Reviews of the best books to read with young children. Reviews based on creativity, interaction and attraction.
Find out if your child is gifted by learning what characteristics to look for in their behavior. Learn to recognize thier gift.
Using a knowledge of money and particulary change the metric system can be simplified.
The Sat is biased. It discriminates against women and minorities. This is not a personal opinion, it is a fact. All one has to do is look at independent testing services and their beliefs about the test.
Some tips on how to deal with cultural differences and language barriers when tutoring foreign students.
Specific learning disabilities in students indicate significant discrepancies between ability and achievement occurring concomitantly with processing deficits in one or more of the major senses.
Learn what makes reading fun for children. Children don't just come into the love of reading on their own - they are raised into it. There are many things parents can do to help raise their children into readers.
What you should know about your children's music education. Should you teach your young children music? What instrument? Are children who learn music smarter? Asnwers to these questions and more.