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Before you begin writing a trade article there is one rule or guideline that you have to follow: You have to know what you are talking about.

Trade magazines want articles which demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the particular subject. This means more than reading about it in an ecyclopedia. Usually writers who write trade articles either has had the subject as a hobby for some years or also works for the subject.
For example bank clerks can submit articles to their in-house magazine about recent trends or new technology.

You will need to be able to talk about the subject deeply so you definately need to know your stuff.

If you are new to writing browse your newsagents stands for magazines which appeal to you. There are many available (most you will need to go to a mani newsagent). The most popular magazines and subjects are sports, bird watching, writing and painting, but more and more are the obscure subjects arriving.

Choosing an obscrure subject is a good idea for all levels of ability. There will be less competition for a lesser known magazine or subject and also editors tend to be a little more lenianet with a start-up magazine or one not sponsored by a huge company.

You have an idea... Right, so you have an idea which you think you could write an article about. The first thing to do is to write to the magazines you think you could appraoch and ask for their writers guidelines. These are usually a one -sided sheet of paper listing the magazines requiremtns of their writers - i.e. word counts, the need for illustrations, formats and most impostatntly how much they pay their writers. Ensure you include a sae as otherwise it is doubtful your letter will be replied to.

Once you have these and can still see yourself writing the articl you need to werite a snappy and short letter to the editor telling him about your wonderful idea. Just remember these points: he probably reads about 40-50 letters just like yours a day and you need to make yours stand out.

What to write
Your letter must include these points:
* Your level of knowledge - how long you have been studying/working as/enjoyed the subject.
* What you want to write with brief details of the conclusion/where the article ends
* A brief biography and list of other writing credits (if any).

Do not list your life story or the whole article. Do not assume anything or be arrogant. Do not use the words 'I know you will want to publish this.'

Enclose a stamped envelope and be patient. Editors are busy people. Expect to receive a reply in 1-6 months. Without a sae expect nothing.

There is nothing stopping you from sending out a few letters such as the above to different editors. This saves a great deal of your time. However, you must not submit the finished article to more than one editor.

If you receive replies expressing interest in your proposal remember this in no way guarantees the publication of the finished article.

If you find that a few editors are writing back expressing interest then adapt the article to suit each market. This way you can triple, even quadruple your income for one article! Just make suyre you keep track of the rights you sell and make sure you never sell one article to more than one editor.