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Muggings are a crime of opportunity. You can eliminate that opportunity. Every female carrying a purse is a potential target.
With a few friends, and a knowledge of basic construction techniques, this is a job that can be completed over a long weekend.
Is your deck refinishing project slow to start? All it takes to refinish a tired, old looking deck is a little elbow grease, a rented power sprayer, and two applications of a high quality sealant. Anyone can do it.
Decorate your nursery for next to nothing. Creating an stylish nursery does not have to break the bank.
Creative ideas for decorating a girl's bedroom, including ways to modify the decor as she grows older.
Decorating on a budget! How to give your home a professionally decorated look without the expense of having it done professionally.
Creative decorating with a miniature house collection arranged for maximum impact. Various ways to show them off all year round.
Dried herbs and flowers make lovely decorations for various projects. Most herbs and flowers are suitable for pressing, and many are fragrant as well as picturesque.
Easy wood repair for good usuable sentimental furniture that should be given a second chance.
Installing a tile floor can be intimidating. But with a little patience, it's not that hard. Here's how.
Learn what the necessities are when furnishing your first kitchen.
Different furniture wood types and individual characteristics are summarized.
Where to begin when hanging mirrors and pictures? Where the picture or mirror is placed can make a difference in the focal point of the rooms. Learn how!
Here is a home decorating craft that will give your house that personal touch. Unique wall d├ęcor ideas for the folk artist, sentimentalist, or "shabby chic" individual on a budget.
Learn about using plants and area rugs for decorating your home. Tips for reducing clutter, organizing pictures other wall decorations.
Home decorating on a budget: the best places to go to get the most out of your limited cash.
Home interior decoration is easy and inexpensive, if you know what to do. By using your imagination and following these tips, you can make your home a more beautiful and liveable place.
Everything you need to know to be able to hang wallpaper yourself. This is a rewarding home project.
Sheets of plasterboard are used in most rooms for ceilings and walls before they are painted. Learn to install plasterboard.
Learn how to make a valance! There is nothing more elegant than putting a finishing touch on your windows by adding a valance.
Indoor fountains are a great source of relaxation and you can do it yourself! Here's how.
How to make your own drapes for less than purchasing drapes.
Learn how to paint on glass. Bottles, vases, ornaments, candle holders, containers-dress up those objects to use as decorations, gifts, and colorful containers to coordinate with the rooms of your home.
A patio planning primer! From wooden decks to flagstone terraces and patios, here is a comparison of the different types of paving materials, including pros and cons for each.
Stripping old wallpaper needn't be a tedious and slow-moving job when you know how.
Learn how to stucco! A stucco finish on the outside of a home adds charm and beauty to the structure by blending in with the landscape around it.
Learn how to hang wallpaper piece-by-piece. Measure, cut, match the patterns, and hang the paper to look like a professional job!
Inexpensive, easy ways to spruce up and decorate your home.
Learn the trick to installing ceramic tile yourself. less With the right tools and a little time, you can save a lot of money.
Learn how stenciling can make your interior decorating easy, inexpensive, and beautiful.
A slew of ideas on redecorating an older kitchen that is dark and dismal. Brighten your kitchen with a couple of afternoons worth of work.
An inexpensive, colorful Christmas tree decoration that is fun to make.
Basic information on how handmade oriental rugs are woven, and the intense labor and materials involved in creating a woven work of art.
Some ideas and tips for sponging, ragging, strie and striping your walls. Faux finishes can transform an ordinary room into extraordinary. The steps are simple with tools you probably already have.
Learn about painting with rollers and what sort of fiber the sleeve should be to be effective. Learn what designs are availabe for different tasks.
Container plants inside or out, even your vegetable garden will reflect your creativity when you make these decorated stakes. So easy!
How to recycle old furniture and turn discards into desirables. It's an easy way to re-decorate on a budget and create unique conversation pieces.
The turn-of-the-century embroidery technique known as redwork is staging a comeback. All you need to know about about the history of the craft, collecting antique redwork coverlets, and creating new redwork craft projects.
Restore a damaged hardwood floor to smooth perfection.
Tips for decorating your bedroom into the place for romance, and includes suggestions for choosing champagne, chocolates and the right sheets.
When shopping for furniture, you want to make sure that you do your homework and educate yourself about the product that you are looking for.
Try these tips for staining furniture. Knowing the different kinds of stain will create a more appropriate color for your project, and will protect its beauty for many years.
The role of color in interior decorating and how color can give the illusion of space and light.
Dread inviting guests over? Can't decide what to make? Don't know what to do with the kids? A theme party solves all your problems.
Tips for restoring furniture: instructions on how to make an old piece of furniture sparkle again.
Learn about the different types of bathtub faucets
There are three types ceramic material; pottery, stoneware or porcelain. Here is a list of characteristics of each.
Wallpapering tips for when things go wrong. Hints to make the best of the mistake and sometimes even cure it.
Some practical ways to save money when decorating your home.
Plywood is cheap to use, strong and flexible, and good for building furniture and cabinetry, and many other undertakings. Plywood is made of very thin layers of wood called plies or veneers glued together.
Window treatments can add elegance to a room or it can be the thing a window doesn't need. Here are the basics of the part windows play in interior design and the questions you need to ask for a design right for your home.