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A great Christmas craft idea! Make a beautiful christmas angel, and recycle some of your household throw aways at the same time.
How to appliqué fabric shapes on to another fabric.
Arranging flowers can be done in more than just vases. Learn some unique creative ways to show off your flowers.
Tools and techniques for making a very basic pair of beaded earrings.
Rolled beeswax candles are very simple to make and have an elegant and classic look. They are made from preformed wax sheets that are imprinted on natural beeswax.
Trying sewing for the first time? This is a great guide for the beginner!
Making birthday gifts are much more fun and personal than just buying them. It's often more cost-effective too.
Candle and soap making is a highly versatile craft -- one that encompasses unlimited opportunities for creativity.
Fragrance and dying is one of the joys of candlemaking. There are a wide variety of dyes and fragrances available.
In candle making there is much to be said about the old adage," The right equipment for the right job." Learn what you need.
Candle making molds are made from many different materials. Metal, rubber and plastic are just a few to choose from.
This heart shaped candy gift basket is a great idea for something orginal and easy for a small token gift for a romantic occassion.
Use the Christmas craft ideas to cut the costs of your holiday this year and still have an elegant Christmas.
Make Christmas craft projects using objects from nature. Use nature’s treasures to dream up the perfect decorations.
Make fun foam christmas stocking ornaments to decorate your tree or gifts during the holiday season and add a personal touch to your gift giving.
Whether you have comic books already or you're beginning to collect this guide will help you learn how to keep your comics in great condition
Container candles are enjoyed by a large population of candlemakers. Container candles are very attractive,functional, and versatile.
Find out what crafts sell. Crafting can become more than a hobby. It can become a way of supporting yourself or making extra money on the side.
How to embellish purchased pillar candles with pressed flowers from the garden.
Rubber stamp art-the art anyone can create! Using rubber stamps, ink pads, and paper you can create your own artistic greeting cards and more!
Easy-to-follow instructions for creating decorative straw hats to hang in your home or make as gifts. Uses dried or silk flowers, lace, and your creativity!
Cross stitching decorating ideas and gift ideas
Decorative photo albums are easy to make and don't require much leg work. Your finished photo album will be an added treasure to your home.
Decorating your home doesn't have to be expensive and doesn't have to involve hours shopping or making decorations.
Decoupage lamp shades can be created inexpensively; using a thin layer of decoupage lacquer and various types of paper, a room's theme can be accented.
Decoupage projects involve covering a surface with cut-out, overlapped images, and then sealing it. Instructions enough to get a beginner started making lamps, trays, jewelry boxes, and other small items.
Defining yarns by their characteristics. Distinguishing the difference between yarn types.
Flowers are blooming in gardens, fields, and along roadsides. Preserve those beautiful blooms by drying them in your microwave. It's easy and economical to do.
The old fashioned craft of drying and pressing flowers is reviving. The most common ways to dry are listed with ideas for various flowers, and mixtures of borax or silica gel to use to complete the task.
Easy Christmas Craft! Christmas countdown with this magnetic fun foam christmas tree calender. Kids will enjoy helping to make this as well as using it during the holiday season.
Gingerbread men felt ornaments for decorating at Christmas. These are fun and easy to make using felt, fabric paint and hot glue and polyester fiberfill.
bits of broken dishes, tile, pottery; even old costume jewelry can be recycled into decorative and functional flower pots.
Scrapbooking is one of the easiest, creative, and fun ways to organize your pictures and memories. Learn the basics for making these delightful books and gather tips for creating books that suit your personality.
These two sewing projects are designed for beginners but even the accomplished will appreciate their simplicity and ingenuity.
Fresh flower arrangment for beginners. Here are very specific instructions for 6 arrangments that anyone can make with flowers from the yard or an inexpensive grocery store bouquet.
Make your own personalized gift baskets! Perfect for any occasion. Theme ideas include Coffee Lovers, Cooking, Sports, Writers, Car Enthusiasts, Gardeners,and Wine Lovers.
Tips and ideas on gifts for grandmothers for Christmas and birthdays.
Gift giving for the elderly is easier than you may think. Surely your parents and grandparents have seen their share of powders, colognes and knick knacks. This year, vow to do something special.
You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to give gourmet gifts. With a little time and ingenuity you can make some wonderful, renewable gifts for friends and family.
This girl's crocheted shoulder purse is perfect for ages 2-6 years. It is very easy to crochet and takes several hours to make.
A great holiday craft to decorate your tree or to give as gifts. Made from fabric scraps, these ornaments are very economical and easy to make.
How to make decorative candle holders yourself and add the perfect finishing touch to any room.
Making homemade candles is not the difficult task that it might otherwise seem. If you take time to learn and educate yourself, it can be simple and fun.
You can make decorative jars using flowers found in nature and old antique jars. Transform your home for next to nothing!
All of us at one time or another have run into a situation where we had no idea, or no money, what to give someone for Christmas, a Birthday, or many other occasions that demand gifts.
Homemade potpourri can make your home. What to do with the flowers once they wilt and dry.
How to make homeade soap on a rope to hang in your bathroom, kitchen or around your neck.
Homemade room, freshners and deodorizers are easy to make. The liquid sprays usually contain alcohol, which adds antiseptic qualities to the pleasant scent.
Can your hobby actually lower your stress level and/or your blood pressure? Some helpful tips on how to make your stitching relaxing and stress-free!
Learn how to applique. The sewing art of stitching cut out shapes to background fabric for decoration is known as applique.
Braiding rugs is one of the simplest and least expensive hobbies anyone can have. Learn why and find out how to braid rugs.
Learn how to dye yarn in your own home, a cost effective way to bring new vibrant colours to plain wool.
Learn the art of embroidery! Embroidery is ornamental needlework in thread, fiber or leather thongs that is applied to fabric or leather.
Antique collectors need to know a lot about their collecting field so they can avoid costly mistakes.
The art of decorative knotting is called macrame. Learn how to macrame so you can make your own plant hangers and more!
Furniture slipcovers are used to protect, cover damage and seasonally change the appearance of furniture. Learn to make slipcovers.
How to make your own candles at home. Tips and what you need to get started.
Corn husk dolls have been the delight of many a young girl for centuries. Learn how to make one for your favorite little girl.
Step-by-step instructions on how to make a lampshade in a festive manner to add an extra touch for special occasions.
There is nothing as special as recieving a homemade card. There are very simple, yet beautiful ways to make cards for a birthday or any occasion.
How to make your own native american peace pipe.
An embossing kit is a novelty item used to emboss names in raised gold or silver lettering on books, cards, stationery,etc., with a beautiful effect.
How to make an original balloon weight. A fun idea for parties and ballon bouquets.
How to make candles at home: save money and make great personalized gifts for friends and family!
There are so many wonderful Christmas ornaments you can make with materials from your home or purchase. Learn how!
How to make fun and easy gift baskets for any occasion. Offers money saving tips for this unique hobby/craft project.
Learn how to make beautiful lamps and vases from old bottles.
Making molded candles is perhaps the easiest form of candlemaking to learn. Your results can be spectacular, the time investment is minimal, and you will reap hours of enjoyment from your labors.
Preserve your flowers & save your memories of a wedding corsage or a gift bouquet forever.
Sewing on buttons step by step.
Independent comics have changed in content and price since their introduction.
Learn how to repair all types of jewelry clasps.
Learn how to make molded candles for decorative or functional purposes.
Anyone can sew simple projects using these basic tools and tips.
Learn how to make jewerly from beautiful antique buttons. A great craft for kids.
Decorative soap can add life to any room in your home, and it's fairly easy to make!
Make your own fabric gift bags for your gift giving needs.They are easy to sew and can be recycled for many gifts to come.
How to make fragrants satchets to fill you drawers with the scent of potpourri.
How to make a pillow cover using men's shirts. They require only 4 seams to be sewn.
How to make your own parchment (looking) paper for pennies with items you have in your kitchen.
Learn how to make your own plastic molded objects from scratch.
For centuries the practice of making hand crocheted blankets has been widely used by many people in several different continents. Learn how to make your own.
How to make craft dolls: Create Apple head dolls, with clothes sewn with straight line stitching.
Recently jewelry makers have taken to using materials like plastics and titanium in the production of modern jewelry. Interesting fabric, cork, wire, feathers and leather are also popular.
Try your hand at making these beautiful spiral candles. These candles are not quite as simple as beeswax candles, but you will be delighted with the effect of the flared edges.
Making tapers by hand is one of the oldest forms of making candles. Crafters like tapers due to the simplicity in materials used and the finished product.
Making your own clothes is inexpensive and fun. Having a great wardrobe should not be an expensive pursuit. However, if you by your clothes at stores or malls, it can cost a lot of money.
Learn how to tile unusual items and craft beautiful pieces of mosaic art. Are you a tile-o-phile? Mad about mosaics?
Mother day gift ideas: Mothers Day provides an excellent opportunity to tell one's mother how much she or he cares. Presents help a child or husband do this.
Ten Mother's Day gift ideas. Check out these gifts and make Mother's Day a success.
You don't have to be a chemist to make your own natural deodorants. Deodorants are not only easy to make, they save money and don't have any harmful chemicals in them.
Ideas for old time craft projects that are old-fashioned but still fun, including popsicle stick buildings and pipe cleaner animals.
Learn how to decorate a summer flower pot for your garden using paint!
How to press flowers and leaves for keepsake or decorative uses.
Bandana quilt craft! In an afternoon, you can make a colorful quilt using bandannas. Customize the colors to match a playroom, den or children's room.
Every year I get tons of great cards. Whether they be birthday, Christmas, or invitations. Until recently I had no idea what to do with these great cards, short of throwing them away.
Recyled jars made into beautiful homemade gifts are economical and add a personal touch in your gift giving for birthdays, holdidays or any special occasion.
Learn to recycle baby food jars into creative crafts for Halloween, Christmas or gift giving. The are great kid crafts too.
A special occasion is coming up. You want to get something good, but you're broke. Here are some ideas for inexpensive gifts that you can make yourself that won't break the bank.
Romantic Valentines Day gift ideas for your sweetheart.
Steps for beginners who are interested scrapbooking. From sorting photos and choosing an album to creating a page layout, this article will help the beginner.
Scrapbooking ideas:information and ideas on how to get started, as well as safety info on preserving your photos.
The three elements of scrapbooking - photography, design, and journaling - these ideas will appeal to anyone who is looking for a new creative outlet.
A stained glass sun catcher is an easy and fun project for kids, with minimal help needed.
The supplies that are necessary for candle makingare the wick, the wax and the additives, all of these give candles their special properties.
Tea dye your linens for an antique look or to hide existing stains.
How to write the perfect thank you card. Occasions covered from weddings to overnight visits and when a written thank you is really necessary.
Many garden flowers dry easily if you know the proper techniques. Dried flowers can then be used in arrangments and bouquets. This is a great craft to do with kids.
There are so many ways to show your Mom how much she means, other than with traditional flowers and candy. Learn new ways to say I love you that your Mom will appreciate more than ever.
When choosing gifts for the wedding party try to find something that they will both keep and enjoy.
Make your own apple clock from scratch.
Using glycerin in wreath making, a variety of evergreens can be permanently preserved for use in holiday decorations and arrangements.
Looking for an easy and fun way to decorate your home for Christmas, as well as original?