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After 20,000 miles with the new Mazda Miata, here is my reveiw of this wonderful sports car.
Action photography made easy! Every shutter bug has taken an action photo that has been returned with nothing but a colorful blur. Learn to take action photographs.
There are a lot of people who go to antique auctions, but many of them do not know the Dos and don'ts of these auctions. There are a lot of things you need to know to increase your chances of winning in this game.
The Aqueduct Flea Market is the largest on the East Coast. Visit this flea market for unique items and a great shopping experience.
Learn to to troubleshoot and repair your ausio speakers.
Baseball cards are not stocks. They are a bad investment that takes advantage of our children. The fraud needs to be exposed.
The best way to determine the approximate monetary value of baseball cards.
Beehive plans for just one bee hive can produce honey all year round. Learn how to be a beekeeper.
Basic bicycle maintenance and repair for regular bike rider. Wheels, chain, and tires need to be checked regularly, among other things.
Learn the best strategies for blackjack.
Model rocketry is a fun, safe, inexpensive hobby. Build one for yourself on a miniature scale.
Camera buying guide:When you're considering what type of camera to buy, you should consider price, quality and of course what you want your camera to do.
if you're starting out in photography, here is a camera buying guide that will help you decide which camera, lens, or film to buy.
Learn how to repair your still frame camera.
Learn how to hang a canoe for storage and how to tie a canoe to your car for transport.
Some of the basic methods for beginners of starting and casting a clay sculpture. There are a host of methods and techniques that one needs to be aware of in sculpture.
Coin collecting can be profitable and fun. Learn how!
Collecting old jewelry can be fun and profitable. Old jewelry can be found in many places. Its like finging a lost treasure each time you buy a piece.
Aurora Plastics Corporation created six model kits in 1965. Today, these "Sport Magazine Great Moments in Sports" items are a rare and valuable item.
Bobble or "bobbing" head dolls are a popular collectible. Collecting these strange toys has become a part of the mainstream sports hobby.
Collecting collectibles antiques: What are some affordable collectibles that are worth the money? Here's a list of some ways you can get started collecting without breaking your bank.
Remember those old Scooby-Doo jelly jars that you loved as a kid? Whether you're still trying to collect the whole set, or just interested in the history of giveaway glassware, check here.
RC Cola issued cans with sports personalities on them in 1977 and 1978. Have some in the attic? Here's more on this piece of disco-era sports memorabilia!
For four years in the 1950s, Redman tobacco company produced baseball cards that have captured the fancy of collectors seeking vintage cards at reasonable prices
Collectors of sports memorabilia are fond of Sports Illustrated. This weekly magazine is America's top sports publication. Here's an overview.
An offshoot of the vintage baseball card collecting hobby is collecting unopened packs of cards. Here's a guide for those who prefer their bubble gum cards with wrappers still attached!
The most popular types of baseball memorabilia to collect are World Series programs. These souvenir publications from sports' most storied event are historic and valuable.
Tips for composing better photographs with the use of backgrounds, lines, rule of thirds, and other helpful techniques.
Suggestions on how to improve the quality of your photographs by eliminating common problems and by implementing helpful techniques.
Fun, unique craft ideas using molted parrot feathers.
If you've ever been frustrated by the complexity of cryptic crossword puzzles visit this site for a simple explanation of the construction of cryptic crossword clues.
The Daruma good luck doll - buy one, paint in an eye and make a wish. When your wish comes true, paint in the other eye. What is the significance of this doll?
Our population is aging, putting more elderly drivers behind the wheel. This article looks at the consequences of being old behind the wheel.
Equitation is a part of English horse riding that many people struggle in. If you follow a few simple tips regarding back arch angles and feet positions you can win any equitation class.
How to hunt with falcons? Where is falconry legal? What are they used for? What kind of gear do you need?
Successfully draft and manage a fantasy baseball team. Winning tips to make you a contender in your league.
A brief explaination of the basic steps in filmaking. A checklist for would be producers.
Free celebrity autographs are easy to get qith very little time or effort. This article will show you how to collect basically any celebrity's autograph.
Casino gambling can be high-risk entertaiment, if You're not careful, but there are ways to reduce your fear of playing this game.
All about the intriguing art of Ghost Hunting.
Learn the rules of gin rummy. When you are looking for an exciting yet simple card game to take up time on a rainy day, why not learn to play gin rummy!
Glass blowing secrets: glass is all around us, but do you know how it is made? Find out all about the fascinating glass trade.
Successful goose decoy placement: hunters recommend that you spread your decoys in one of three patterns. Learn how!
Handmade quilts have been around since the beginning of time and are a wonderful piece of our history.
Horse show jumping tips: learn how you can train a horse to jump jumps properly. Teach him to round, bend, half-halt, and have a proper technique.
Hostess Cakes issued a popular series of baseball cards in the 1970s. A hit with sports memorabilia buffs then and now, this issue is now hard to find.
Step by step, level by level instructions on beating Super Mario Brothers, the most classic video game of all time.
How do you improve the picture quality on your television? What are some things you can do to make the picture better?
An easy, step-by-step guide to creating an artistic mosaic tile top table.
Fun toys you can make for your pet bird from items found around your home.
Learn how to play chess, an amazing game of strategy that has become very popular today.
How do you fix a flat tire on your bicycle? What do you need to know about fixing the flat?
Here is a simple explanation of how to set up and run your own Fantasy Football League.
Thinking of selling your old baseball card collection? Learn how to increase your profits by doing a few simple things to organize and present your cards.
How do you tune your skis? What do you need to know about tuning your skis?
How to cut, clean and dye porcupine quills for use in beadwork. An organic dye recipe and storage tips are included.
Do you have a need for speed? Go karting is a great hobby for the whole family. There's nothing like racing around a track at 75 mph. Here's how to get started.
Painted wooden dolls known as kachinas are used in the religious training of Pueblo children. Learn more.
Learn more about kite flying, a fun and relaxing outdoor activity. Benjamin Franklin flew kites for science. Kites fly in Oriental festivals and competions.
Las Vegas gambling tips! Americans are visiting casinos more than they visit Major League baseball parks. Learn how to win big at the casino!
Learn the basic steps of the latin dance the cha-cha, which will set you on the road to impressive dancing.
Learn casino games! A lot of people gamble without knowing how to play the games in the casino. Here are a few tips.
Lost in Space toys and collectibles are coming your way! Warning, warning, Danger Will Robinson!
Mosaic is the art of using broken china, plates, glass, seashells, and just about anything else to create a work of art and decorate your home.
Terra cotta clay flower pots aren't just for plants anymore...they are the key element in creating the lastest trend in candle holders! Learn how!
Matchbox car collecting: Imagine owning a Jaguar XK 140 Coupe, or a Mercedes-Benz 230SL. How about a Porsche 928 or a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow? You can! Welcome to the world of Matchbox.
Memory boxes are a great baby gift when you want to give something different. Learn more about them.
The do it yourslef approach to photographing your kids. Avoid the hassle of expensive portraits. Learn techniques to take your own great pictures and improve your family album.
This article shows how to use photography to create beautiful works of art without knowing how to draw or paint.
Description of various types of photography film and appropriate uses for different ISO speed films. What film to use for particular photography conditions.
Information to help novice photographers improve their photos through the use of compostion, focus, lighting, film selection, framing, etc.
Learn the rules of pinochle! Pinochle is an exciting and challenging card game that takes pure concentration to win.
The novice post card collector can easily build a top notch postcard collection. Learn how to spot postcard publishers with superior production values. Build a quality collection from the beginning.
Learn common problems with a TV remote control and how to repair them.
Rock polishing stones to a glossy finish. For use in jewelry, collecting, mosaics, crafts, and art work.
Scrapbookers, relive your childhood by learning to use paper dolls on your scrapbook pages! Create scenes and learn to accessorize your dolls.
Only silver coin collectors know about this; but you can still find 40% silver coin dollars in circulation today. Here is how.
The Society of creative anachronism is a world-wide organization which re-creates the Middle Ages.
Baseball and sports card collectors would do well to learn a few things about storing their items to protect them from damage.
Stamp collecting information: If you're looking to get started in collecting stamps, you'll be happy to hear that stamp collecting can be one of the most affordable hobbies.
Tips and techniques on steel trapping for small game.
Caring for your tent is essential. Fortunately, with these simple steps, you'll keep your tent in tip top shape.
How do you repair your camping tent? What are some common problems with camping tents?
The P-51 Mustang is one of the most famous aircrafts of World War II. As Field Marshal Herman Goering said "When I saw the Mustang over Berlin I Knew the War was Lost"
There are many fun games that can be played using the rules of poker.
Theatre stage design tips: There are many ways to add color and reality to a stage's setting with paint.
The collecting of antiques can be a fun pastime. Learn how to appraise your antiques.
A brief description on trail riding with your horses.
A description of various camera lenses and their uses. Standard, Telephoto, and Wide Angle lenses as well as zoom and telephoto converter capabilities.
A description of what aperture and shutter speed are and how they work together in photography to produce better pictures.
Learn how to troubleshoot and repair your video camera.
World Series "press pins" are issued to members of the sports media covering the games in each city. Baseball collectibles of this type are quite rare.