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A guide to 18th century houses of Manhattan.
Alabama state history began when the defeat of the Creek Indians by Andrew Jackson in 1814 spurred settlement in Alabama territory. Learn how Alabama reached statehood!
Learn about the history of the Alamo and the legends surrounding it. Crockett, Bowie and Travis are the three most famous heroes.
Summary of Alaska's state history - learn how this wildly, beautiful region became part of the United States.
Located about thirty-five miles from what is now Flagstaff, Arizona, a mammoth Meteorite crashed into the earth some 50,000 years ago. The impact made an enormous hole, which remains today.
The Cahokia Mounds, an archeological site, located in western Illinois.
Learn how a need for western expansion opened the California territory to statehood.
Learn about the celtic heritage -what were these broad shouldered long haired warrior people really like?
Brief history of China and how it applies to Chinese human rights. The Zamin government does not believe that Western views of Human rights can apply to the Chinese. The people appear to feel differently.
Summary of Colorado's state history, including detail on early explorers of the Colorado territory
An overview of the living history museum north of Indianapolis, called Conner Prairie.
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is utilizing children to answer important questions about one of the common and mysterious birds, the pigeon.
Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu employed different strategies for peace with the Benjamin Netanyahu and Yassar Arafat. Thus far none of the approaches has met with that much success
Trip to Ireland provides a richer family heritage as links become stronger
Learn about the best golf courses to play when you are in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
Polynesian voyagers were the first known settlers of the Hawaiian islands. Learn how Hawaii became a member of the United States.
Known as the antebellum capital of Tennessee, Maury County is home to a president's childhood home, a rectory used by the head of an elite 19th century girls' school and two Civil War era plantations.
Learn about the history of temple rubbing. Temple or gravestone rubbing is believed to have originated with the ancient (300 BC) Chinese.
An informative history of the events leading up to Texas becoming a state, including date and events surrounding statehood. Includes state flower and bird.
The history of the great wall of China is described, along with why Chinese chose to build the Great Wall, their cultural development,and a soldier's life along the wall.
This is a history the gun in India. It refers to the armors of the Indian Kings and of the British reign including those of the East India Company.
Beautiful Montana, with it's towering peaks and sweeping valleys, is not at all what people would expect. Learn how Montana became a state and more.
History of Washington DC - learn how D.C. became the capitol.
Everything you need to know about Hawaii's state government.
The best historical sites in the Hudson Valley. Will include times and days open and admission if applicable.
Learn the exciting facts about how Illinois became a state from discovery admission to the Union.
Description of Indian temple architecture and its evolution from Buddhist stupas to Hindu monoliths to full temples.
Summary of Indiana state history, including first exploration by the French. Learn how it became a state.
Learn about Japanese superstitions!
Do you live in on the fourth floor in number 444? Do you love eating Japanese food and sticking your chopsticks in the bowl? I hope you DON'T live in Japan! You need advice on good and bad luck.
This travel article takes a look at Lincoln's Boyhood Home in Southern Indiana, including both a state and national memorial.
The Lousiana state capitol is the tallest state capitol building in the country, and it's seen the likes of Huey Long. You can't miss this historic monument when you visit Louisiana's capital city.
Maine state was sold to Massachusetts by King George's heirs and the region was set up as admiralty district of Massachusetts. Learn why!
Mexico's most famous archeological site, recovered from the jungle, Chichen Itza is now a popular tourist site as well.
Minnesota has more than 11,000 lakes and many rivers. Learn the exciting facts about how it became a state.
A vast area that lay between the Rockie Mountains and the Pacific ocean is now known as Oregon. Learn how Oregon became a state.
Ancient Egyptians found evidence of divine presence in plants. To them, blue lotuses were a symbol of nature's fertility. Onion, was not only their favorite vegetable, but they also presented it to the gods as sacrificial offering.
Plants played an important role in the mythology of ancient Greece, and their plant superstitions were numerous. Learn more!
The history-making events at the Remagen Bridge in Germany, during World War II.
Remember the Alamo! The history-making events which transpired at the Alamo, in San Antonio, Texas.
Think Salem, Massachusetts and you still think "witches" after more than three centuries. The witch-trial legacy lives on.
A brief and exciting history of the events leading to South Dakota becoming a state, including state flower and bird.
Learn what the events were leading up to Idaho becoming a state. Includes information about today, state flower and bird.
Claims to the North Dakota territory split the territory in half for a while. Learn all about how it became a state.
Station X was the home of the brilliant Enigma code breakers of World War II. Learn about their vital influence on key battles.
Tennessee state history: Learn why the Wilderness Road became a principal avenue to migration west.
Since the Ancient Britains the United Kingdom has harbored superstitions about the British adder, their only poisonous snake. Learn the history behind this wildlife phenomena.
The Alamo will long be remembered as a fight for freedom. The battle itself only lasted 90 minutes but the buidup of the defense of the Alamo took several months. All of the Texans died in the battle.
The history-making events which transpired at the Alamo, in San Antonio, Texas.
An overview of the archeological discovery at Sutton Hoo in England and it's importance.
Crater Lake National Park surrounds the scenic beauty of this natural wonder of the world. However, it's origin, despite popular beleif, was not the result of a meteor that hit the earth. learn about its history.
The history of Egypt, Persia, and Babylon. The beginnings of the Modern Western World began in the Near East some 6000 years ago.
The history of the State of Israel from the birth of Zionism to its present state as a Jewish homeland.
The history and creation of the Taj Mahal dates back to more than four hundred years ago. The Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders, is a monument created by Shahjehan symbolising his love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
The history of Thailand is rich and imbibed with culture. Thailand was for centuries known as Siam and for centuries has been a Southeast Asian exploration through culture, history and religious for many visitors.
The Dominican Republic is fast becoming a holiday destination for many tourists due to its affordability and tropical climates. But what is the history behind the island?
Did the lost city of Atlantis really exist and if so, where was this lost continent?
The lost city of Atlantis may exist only in the minds of believers, but you can learn about Atlantis' history here.
This is a must-see for any visitor. The statehouse has seen much history and drama throughout its existence. Tours can be taken daily.
Like a layer cake of history, York, England has been home to Vikings, Saxons, and Romans. In addition, the city has a reputation as being one of the most haunted cities in Britain.
The seven wonders of the world are some of the most popular destination for tourists. They reveal amazing artworks and architectures to admire.
Hawaiian leis are worn for many different occasions on the islands. They’re worn during weddings, religious events, birthdays, basically any time that calls for a celebration. Learn about the history of this tradition.
History of the Silk Road, a major trade route between China and Europe between the 2nd century BC and the 7th century AD.
A brief look at the world's first nuclear powered submarine and where she is today.
A complete list of mottos and nicknames for each of the United States. From Alabama to Wyoming, they are all here!
Washington State facts are more interesting than you might think. Learn about the discovery of Washington State.
The Mississippi River runs for more than 2300 miles and is the world's third longest river, with headwaters in Itasca Minnesota.
Mount Rushmore is an American National Monument high in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It commemorates the contributions of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.
Highlights of the famous White House rose garden, from its beginnings as a stable yard to present day.
Wisconsin state has an exciting history. Learn the transitions it went through on it's way to becoming a state.
Wyoming state was one of the most interesting territories to reach statehood. Learn why!