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In the 1840's, talking to ghosts first became a huge phenomenon with the rappings heard by the Fox sisters and attributed to spirits.
A brief biography of Agatha Christie. Despite the massive fame of her mystery novels, Agatha Christie was a very private person. But behind the curtain of mystery is the fascinating life story of this famous author.
Albert Gore, the 45th Vice President of the United States, was born in Washington, D.C. in 1948.
Alice Walker is a highly praised author, respected educator, and devoted activist. She is perhaps most famous for her novel, The Color Purple.
This is a brief history of the women's civic club called Altrusa International, founded in 1917. Local chapters can be found in 19 countries.
The life of Amelia Earhart was filled with glory as a pilot, and her disappearance has since been surrounded by mystery.
At age 14, Andrea Jaeger turned pro. She earned $1.4 million during her tennis career. Her career cut short by injury, now she helps dying children.
Andrew Jackson was the seventh United States president. He became president in 1829 and served until 1837. He was president for two terms, his vice presidents were John C. Calhoun and Martin Van Buren.
A biography Andrew Jackson, our seventh president, when he came into office, what he did in office, and how long he was in office.
Read about the brief but compelling life of Anne Frank, her revelations in her diary concerning two years of hiding, and her subsequent demise.
Ann-Margaret a shy child from Sweden has overcome a near death experience and facial reconstruction surgery to continue to grace us with her acting talents.
Learn about the enigmatic Apache history. They were the fiercest of all indian tribes. What happened to the fearsome Apache? And what is the truth about their famed leader Geronimo?
Biography of Arne Jacobsen, one of the 20th century's most prolific and influential designers and architects
Arthur C. Clarke wrote about orbiting satellites that relayed radio signals in 1945, he lived to see his dream come to actualization.
Arthur E. Stilwell built more than 2300 miles of new railroad in his lifetime, adding more than a billion dollars to the economy of the southwest.
Australian Aborigine Culture: The history of the Australian Aborigine with a focus on the unique culture that gave the world the digeridoo and the boomerang
An article about Avicenna (Ibn Sina) a famous physician and philosopher of his era. It also describes his wonderful contribution to the world today.
Actor Barry Bostwick - his life from Rocky Horror Picture Show to the present. Read about his life and successes on and off screen.
Bill Clinton is not seen as a successful president in the area of foreign policy, but his record in military intervention is one of the best in American History.
Bill Cosby is an award winning actor, writer, comedian, producer and composer. A breif biography of his life.
Summary of the life and baseball career of Bill Veeck, Jr.
Biography of Anne Frank, a young girl caught up in Hilter's rage against the jews.
A concise biography of Mark Twain.
Burt Lancaster had a varied and full life before and after he became an actor. He was a talented man on and off the screen.
The all-too-short life of poet Byron Herbert Reece, one of America's most over-looked literary talents to date.
This is a brief biography of Captain James Cook, one of the most important figures in the world of exploration and discovery. He discovered Antartica and Hawaii.
A breif biography of the life and baseball career of Carl Hubbell.
Carl Perkins was one of the hottest rock and roll acts in the U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s. He is thought to be one of the fathers of rock and roll.
The birth of chang and eng, siamese twins, in 1811 was the event that gave the world the term 'siamese twins'. They lived 63 years as conjoined brothers, married and had 21 children between them.
All about Chantal Kreviazuk, the singer of the theme song from the hit tv show, "Providence".
Charles Lindbergh Biography: an instant hero after his solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic. But there's so much more to this inventor, author AND pilot.
The Choctaw Code Talkers of World War One held the secret code that the German Army could not break, leading to the eventual Allied victory over Germany.
Clark Gable has been known as The King of Hollywood through the ages. He had charm and charisma which entered the hearts of many women. A brief bio of his life as an actor.
Confucius is today one of the most compelling teachers and sages of China. His concern was for things of this world, and not of the next.
Cyrus McCormick built the McCormick Reaper, an invention that made farming easier. This inventor revolutionized harvesting.
A brief biography of famed wrester Danny Hodge. The 70's was time when wrestling was regional and the fans could see their heroes. One who was loved in the Tri-States era was Danny Hodge.
Deborah Sampson was the first known American woman to impersonate a man to join the army and take place in combat. She served bravely as a soldier in the American Revolutionary War.
Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, advocated equal civil rights for all, calling for economic sanctions against the South African government in protest of apartheid.
The underworld of probition era Detroit was controlled by local gangsters called the Purple Gang. They were Detroit's first and last native mobsters.
This biography of Diamond Jim Brady gives pertinent details of his lavish life in New York City.
Dick Van Dyke is widely known for his role as Robert Petrie in the Dick Van Dyke Show starring opposite Mary Tyler Moore who played his onscreen wife, Laura.
Domingo Samudio, known to us as Sam the Sham, rocked the music world in the 1960's with his hit "Wooly Bully."
Albert Schweitzer became famous as a writer and musician. Serving sick people was his aim and he studied medicine and went to Africa to help sick people there.
Descendants of 17th and 18th century Dutch settler families of southern New York and northern New Jersey are legion. Dutch genealogy enthusiasts eventually find their way to this region.
Edith Bolling Wilson the first Lady 'President' of the United States was the person resonsible for keeping Woodrow Wilson in power
What kind of education and skills should chiropractors have?This site will give you some idea of what a chiropractor does and what his/her qualifications are.
Eleanor Roosevelt biography: wife of President Franklin Roosevelt and niece of President Teddy Roosevelt, developed from an awkward girl into the most influential first lady of the 20th century.
Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most well-known First Ladies of the United States. Learn more about her life.
Emma Goldman - Firebrand who dared to aim for the brave new world. A true pioneer.
From slave to Stoic Philosopher, Epictetus lived varied and turbulent life but found harmony in simplicity and virtue
A biography on the life of Erin Moran, the actress who played "Joanie Cunningham" in both "Happy Days" and "Joanie Loves Chachi."
Eubie Blake was the oldest living connection to ragtime in the early eighties. As composer and performer, his music career, though not continuous, spanned eight decades.
Eugene V. Debs, Indiana statesman, radical and socialist ran for president 5 times. His last candidacy while he was in prison for violating the Espionage Act by speaking against the War during WWI.
Biography of Eyvind Earle, so-called artist of the twenty first century, who's work in oil and with serigraphs has earned him fame
Read about the fighter pilots of the RAF, aces that flew their aircraft with tremendous skill.
This article is a look at the contributions made by women during the Civil War. It primarily covers espionage and women in combat.
Florence Kelley was a leader of social reform in the United States and helped pass many laws regulating child labor.
An examination of why some historians love Franklin D. Roosevelt while some hate him. Articles examines the New Deal and views toward its policies.
Frederick Douglass was a famous orator of the 19th century. He was born a slave and later escaped to freedom to become an effective abolitionist.
Galileo Galilei brought forth support for the fact the Earth was not the center of the Universe. He challenged the view of his time, therefore he was ridiculed and never recieved the fame he deserved.
General George S. Patton, Jr. biography
George W. Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut to George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush. His father was the 41st President of the United States.
George Washington's biography. An account of the not so glamourous road to the presidency taken by the first man elected to the office, George Washington.
George Washington was called the father of his country. George Washington was also the first president to appear on a postage stamp.
George Washington Carver was one of the most distinguished African American scientist. He was the person who declined to accept a comfortable position just to serve his people. It is difficult to find a man of his calibre.
This is a biography of our first president his life, and times while he was in office,and what he did while he was in office,
Germaine Greer was born in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia on January 29, 1939. She spent her formative years in a n all-girl Catholic Academy.
Gil Hodges was one of baseball's top players during his era. This biography covers how he led the New York Mets to a World Series and why he's not in the Hall of Fame.
Gloria Steinem is one of the foremost feminist thinkers of the late twentieth century. As a journalist she has helped shape feminist dialogue.
Biography on President Calvin Coolidge's wife, Grace Coolidge. She was a very popular first lady who did much to aid the deaf.
Greek gods and godesses: it's hard to keep up with all of those gods and goddesses. Here's a brief history.
Summary of the life and baseball career of Grover Cleveland Alexander.
Hans Christian Andersen broke the social barriers of the 1800's and spoke to the world. You may know his fairytales, but do you know the man behind the story?
Harriet Ross Tubman became well known for her efforts to free slaves through the Underground Railroad in the mid 1800's.
The home in Key West, used by Harry S. Truman during his presidency. The residence is now a museum.
A short biography of our nation's 33rd President, Harry S. Truman. Called a "common" man, he was an uncommon leader.
President Harry S. Truman led the U.S. through the end of one war and the beginning of another. He showed courage and tenacity as he went from a poor Missouri farm boy to president.
Henry Ford was a terrible race car driver but a great engineer. During his racing years with Barney Oldfield, Ford learned how to design a rugged car that would last.
Henry Wadsworth Longellow, the most popular American poet of the 19th century, was born to Stephen Longfellow and Zilpah Wadsworth Longfellow in Portland, Maine.
Perhaps the most mutidimensional first lady in history, Hillary Rodham Clinton has blazed a trail for unashamedly strong women in the White House.
Learn about the first of the sharpshooters, Hiram Berdan, and the role of his crack marksmen during the American Civil War.
Biography of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.
Sikhs have been badly stereotyped in the past, but in reality Sikhism is a fascinating, provocative religion. Find out five items every faithful Sikh has!
The truth behind the great myth of COunt Dracula and vampires dates back to the 1400's. Discover the dark secrets of Vlad the Impaler!
Howard Hughes biography: aviator and aviation manufacturer, film producer, and recluse. Information on early film history.
A breif biography of prolific actor Humphrey Bogart.
A glimpse into the mystical world of the Inca - and the Spanish invasion that decimated their world.
J. C. Leyendecker was a talented and personable 20th century American artist, best known for creating over 300 covers for Saturday Evening Post.
Joanne Kathleen Rowling is the creator of the magical world of Harry Potter, a series of immensly popular children’s novels.
Jack Kerouac was born Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac. He became one of the well-known writers and poets associated with the Beat Movement of the 1950s.
A look at one of London's most notorious killers, Jack the Ripper.
A breif biography of Jamaica Kincaid, Caribean-American author.
Captain James Cook, commissioned by King George III, discovered the Hawaiian Islands in January, 1778. Learn more!
James Dean Bio: A look at the life and legacy of James Dean, the Hoosier farm boy who left his mark on Hollywood.
A biography about our twentieth president: when and how long he was in office, what he accomplished while he was in office.
A brief biography of the legendary General James Archer. It includes information about his pre-war experience and about his character.
James Knox Polk was the eleventh president of the United States. His presidential term was involved in making oregon and washington a part of the united states. He was also involved in declaring the mexican war.
Our fourth President, James Madison, left his mark on the world as a hard working man whose words changed the world.
James Madison ran as the Democratic-Republican candidate for President in 1808. The Democratic-Republicans nicknamed their candidate the Great Little Madison.
This is a biography of James Monroe, our fifth president, the time he served, what he did while he was in office, and when he served.
James Monroe was the fifth president of the United States. He served two terms, from 1817 to 1825. He was the last president to have served as an officer in the Revolutionary War.
Jane Austen was an infamous British writer whose novels have both been adapted for either television or film. But do we really know the lady beghind the novels?
Jane Pauley, televsion new anchor, was born on Halloween in Bloomington, Indiana. She received her B.A. from Indiana University.
Janet Reno was born in Miami, Florida, the oldest of four children of Henry and Jane Reno. Her father was an immigrant from Denmark.
The name Jim Bowie is strongly connected to Frontier violence and his heroism at the Alamo. The following examines some lesser known facts about the man in the shadow of the knife wielding legend.
Jimmie Foxx's life and baseball accomplishments.
Joan of Arc became a hero when people followed her blindly to victory. She attained her heroic qualities through magic, wisdom, and brute strength.
Johannes Gutenburg revolutionised the world with his printing press. Yet, the invention was really nothing new. Learn how he did it.
Sir John A. Macdonald was Canada's first Prime Minister and beloved by Canadians. He survived political turmoil, various scandals and passed Confederation.
John Adams was the second President of the United States. He became president in 1797 and served through 1801. He was the only President to be the father of another President.
John Chambers is CEO of Cisco Systems. Learn how he achieved his position at the internet networking company, his education and his days at IBM.
John D. Rockefeller may have been one of the richest men in the world, but he was also one of the most generous. Here is a breif biography.
Tthe life of the Hoosier legend and bank robber, John Dillinger.
A breif biography of John Hunt Morgan, one of the South's most gallant generals.
John Quincy Adams became the sixth president of the United States in 1825. His vice president was John C. Calhoun. His nichname was old man eloquent and was the only president to name a son George Washington.
This is the biography of John Quincy Adams, our sixth president, when he came into office,how long he stayed in office and what he did in office.
John Steinbeck changed the face of literature in the 1930's, opening the world's eyes to suffering and oppression with the introduction of such classics as "Of Mice and Men" and "Grapes of Wrath."
John Tyler became president in 1841, due to the death of William Henry Harrison. He served until 1845, losing the election to James Polk.
This is a biography of John Tyler, our tenth president, when he served, how long he served, what he did while in office, and about his life.
John Wayne, an American Legend has brought up many hours of entertainment with 198 movies. He was also politically involved in conservation issues.
Perhaps most famous for shooting President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth was a star in his own right even before the tragedy. Who was John Wilkes Booth?
A breif biography of Joni Eareckson Tada. Due to a diving accident in 1967, Joni became a quadriplegic. Her life is a wonderful example of faith and perseverance through difficult times.
Judas Iscariot has traditionally be viewed as the betrayer of Christ. But some now believe that Judas was only fulfilling God's plan, and was a true martyr. Here are both sides of the argument.
When he was sitting in jail on drug and gun charges, nobody might have guessed Greg Mathis would become the youngest judge in Michigan history and later a television judge.
Judy Garland is best known for her role in the film Wizard of Oz. Here is a brief biography of her life as an actress and singer.
From the BBC, Broadway and television, Julie Andrews has entertained and delighted millions with her delightful personality and singing voice.
A biography on Katie Holmes, the incredibly talented actress who plays "Joey Potter" on "Dawson's Creek."
This is the biography of Keith Whitley and his life, music, who he was married to, and his music career.
King Henry VIII: brief biography of England's most notorious monarch, including his six wives.
L. Ron Hubbard's work as an author, visionary and founder of the Church of Scientology.
What is La Leche League and what is its purpose? How did La Leche League begin? This article gives you the answers.
Le Ann Rimes' rise to country music stardom.
Lee Iacocca, former head of Ford and Chrysler Motor Cos., serves as an example of turning bad business situations into profitable ventures.
This article looks at a few of the more famous legends of the Cotswold region of England.
Summary of Leo Durocher's life and baseball accomplishments.
Lizzie Borden was a child in a normal family, or was she? Here is the life of Lizzie and the story of the murders that happened within this "perfect" family.
Louis Farrakhan is best known today as the head of the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam advocates black separatism and some practices of Islam.
A biography on the life and times of Lucille Ball, who is best known as Lucy Ricardo on the successful fifties television series "I Love Lucy".
Madeleine Albright was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, the daughter of a Czech diplomat. Her family fled from the Nazis to London when she was two.
In 1964, Malcolm X had presented a speech to the public, about our country, and its racial issues. He talked about two different types of Afro- Americans in the United States of America with conflicting persepectives.
As Army wife and then first lady, the role of Mamie Eisenhower stayed the same: take care of the homefront so her husband, General Dwight Eisenhower, could give his best to his job.
A Brief history of one of the moste influential leaders of the 20th Century - Mao Tse Tung
A breif biography of the life of actress Margaret O'Brien.
As a medieval abbess Marie de France condemns adultery in all her Lais, except Yonec. In Yonec she uses adultery as a metaphor for humanities relationship with a loving diety.
There is little that is known definitively about Marie Laveau, the legendary Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She may have been born in New Orleans.
Marilyn Monroe's death was felt by all. But just how did she die? And if it was suicide why do these facts not add up?
Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote prolifically of gods and goddesses and fantasy worlds. Claimed by pagans and feminists alike as a champion, she was a Christian.
Martha Graham was one of three daughters born to a physician in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. At the late age of 22, she began her career as a dancer.
Martin Van Buren was the eighth president of the United States. He served from 1837 to 1841. His Vice President was Richard M. Johnson.
Mary Shelley, British Romantic Era author, left her mark in literary history when she wrote her classic monster story, "Frankenstein".
Mary Surratt was convicted in 1865 in the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln. She was hung with the rest of the conspirators, but was she guilty?
Michael Crichton is the author of over a dozen best selling novels and has directed several films.
A short biography on Miriam Makeba, one of Africa's legends, singer and humanitarians.
In 1841, the Beautiful Cigar Girl was found dead in the Hudson River. Edgar Allan Poe wrote his pioneering detective tale, the "Mystery of Marie Roget," based on this true story.
The American buffalo or bison was of great importance to the Native Americans. Native Americans had a use for each and every part of the beast.
Navy seal information: Navy SEAL must pass rigourous BUDs training and the infamous "Hell Week" before becoming a member of the US military's most elite SOF fighting Teams.
Nelson Mandela was born into the Thembu tribe in Mvezo, South Africa, and he was given the name Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela.
Nikola Tesla, often seen as a showman and charlatan, proved to be instrumental in the development of the essential components for generating and distributing alternating current (AC). Read about his life and times
The "High Priestess of Soul" known as Nina Simone was born Eunice Waymon in Tryon, North Carolina. She was the sixth of eight children in a poor family. Learn about her life.
History of the North Carolina National Guard.
People are continually fascinated by the unusual lifestyle of the Amish. In Northern Indiana, you can visit and see this lifestyle for yourself.
Nostradamus was a 16th French physician and one of the greatest prophets and clairvoyents of all time. His "quatrains" look well past the next millenium.
A breif biography of soccer pro O'Neill Brown.
Otto Graham was the best of all time, former Cleveland Browns Coach Paul Brown said of his quarterback. Maybe he was biased. On the other hand, not many players win seven championships in ten years.
When Pat Ryan married Richard Nixon his career aspirations unwillingly thrust her into the political world. However, she mastered this life and became a greatly admired first lady.
Patsy Cline's country music career was cut short by a fatal plane wreck when she was only 30. Yet her dynamic voice and emotions made her a country legend for all times.
Actor Paul Newman is known for his life on and off screen. He is also known for raising millions of dollars for charitable organizations.
Petula Clark has led a very successful and full life from singing to acting. She has been on Broadway for the last 20 years.
Pie Traynor, aka Harold Joseph Traynor, his life and baseball accomplishments.
Biography of Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani, once in line for the throne of Hawaii.
Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, that formidable woman of 12th century England and France, set up a court of love to instruct men on the nature of love, chivalry, and romance.
Learn how one of England's greatest ruler's, Queen Elizabeth I the virgin Queen, came to power, and how she played suitors against one another for political gain.
Learn how one of England's greatest ruler's, Elizabeth I the virgin Queen, came to power, and how she played suitors against one another for political gain.
Ramses The Great, known as the Warrior King and Son of Ra, brought Egypt to unprecedented splendor during his long reign.
Learn about the life of Red Adair. Discover how his fire fighting team was fearless in the battle to control oil wells and blow outs.
Robert de Brus, descended indirectly from King William The Lion of Scotland. Through Brus came the Royal House of Steward who produced the current British royal family.
After fifty years in show business, Robert Goulet is still going strong with a beautiful baritone voice that still moves audiences.
Sir Robert Menzies was Australia's longest serving Prime Minister. He also founded the Liberal Party of Australia.
Actor/Director Robert Redford is a very private man. He has many accomplishments, which include Sundance Productions – his independent production company.
The story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men is a favorite in British lore and legends. But did this Nottinghamshire outlaw really exist?
A biography of Rodrigo Pessoa, one of the top showjumping riders in the world. He has made history as the only rider to win the World Cup finals three times consecutively with the same horse.
Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States of America. He held the office from 1981 to 1989.
Rosalynn Carter, wife of the 39th President of the United States, was the first of four children born to Allethea Murray Smith and Wilburn Edgar Smith.
Saint Teresa of the Roses: Who was she?
Many people believe that Japanese Samurai were fiction or that, if they did live, they lived many many years ago. What surprises people is to learn that they were still around until the mid 1800s. Who were these warriors?
A breif biography of Burke and Hare, the two imfamous immigrants who are known as the body snatchers. They supplied bodies for the medical schools in Edinburgh, Scotland.
A brief Shakespeare biography. Do we really know who wrote the greatest literary works on earth? Was it William Shakespeare or another, lesser known writer? Get the facts and decide for yourself.
How the Shilappadikaram demonstrates certain aspects of Indian culture and folklore during the first millenium of the Common Era.
Shinkendo, Japanese Swordsmanship, is a martial arts style based on the Samurai Traditions including strategy, proper Bushido etiquette, and philosophy.
Shinto is the most common religion in Japan today, and has been practiced for centuries by the samurai class of warriors.
Shirley Jones is a highly talented singer and actress that has been entertaining audiences with her beautiful songbird voice for quite some time.
Article on Shivaji's childhood. How the base of the great man was built by his mother, father and his devout teacher Dadaji Knddeo.
A breif biography of Shivaji's life and his era. This includes every significant incident related to Shivaji's life.
Colette's world was one of the senses. She wrote with equal authority about flowers and insects, the life of the demi-monde, and the pleasures of the table.
Sinclair Lewis was an American satirical novelist whose realistic depictions proved to be a social critique of middle-class American life.
Biography of Scottish hero Sir William Wallace. Subject of the movie Braveheart.
A brief overview of slavery's Underground Railroad, a cooperative effort to assist slaves seeking freedom in the North.
Spencer Tracy, the first actor to receive an Academy Award for best actor two consecutive years, enjoyed a career spanning four decades.
Susan B. Anthony was an American reformer who devoted her life to causes such as the abolition of slavery, temperance, labor reform, women's rights, and women's suffrage.
biography of award winning author, Sylvia Plath.
T.S. Eliot, writer and poet, wanted his readers to focus more on the stories and less on the characters. His unusual method of writing lead to some amazing work.
Ernest Ford, better known as Tennessee Ernie, became a country music legend when his booming baritone voice recorded "Sixteen Tons." His popularity soared with succcessful television shows during the 1950s and 1960s.
Brief biographies of the members of the Donner party and who survived.
Atlas was a giant god with immense strength.He had become arrogant also.King of Greek gods once punished him and ordered Atlas to stand for ever holding the world on his shoulders.
It is the Greek language which helps make the language of mathematics and science universal. Greek is the link which makes mathematicians and scientist speak and understand the same language.
The Mary Celeste is the pre-eminent sea mystery of all time. Her passengers were last seen on the day she set sail, then never found after this.
At the outset of the American Revolution, the Colonies had no navy. Instead they worked with a resource they had, privateers who helped put economic pressure on Britian through piracy.
Mercury was the Roman god of mischief.He was very clever and he could do wonders because he had a magic wand and a bag magic tricks
What are the three secrets of Fatima? Recently, the third and final secret of Fatima was revealed by the Vatican.
Knights Templars defended Jerusalem during the Crusades. They financed kings and countries. Yet a king and members of their own brotherhood destroyed these warrior monks.
The story of Thomas Edison, a true renaissance man. Thomas Edison had an incredible imagination and a mind to turn his thoughts into reality.
Thomas Edison was a great American inventor who through his ingenuity had created technologies that helped shape the modern world.
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and how their upbringing shaped their political beliefs and our current political parties.
Thoma Jefferson gave us our notion of equality. He also introduced the notion of religious freedom. Learn more about this prolific figure.
Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell Va, on April 13, 1743. Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He served from 1801 to 1809. His Vice Presidents were Aaron Burr and George Clinton.
Toni Morrison was born Chloe Anthony Wofford in Lorain, Ohio in 1931 as the second of four children born to George Wofford and Ramah Willis Wofford.
Beliefs, rituals, and customs of people who believe in totemic myths
Traces U. S. Grant's life from West Point to the Civil War and beyond. Examines the idea of destiny at play in Grant's life.
Get the facts on the Presidents of the United States! Includes birth and death statistics and dates of terms.
Van Johnson with his Swedish looks was a movie favorite in the 1940s during World War II. He is currently touring with his one-man show classic movies. Learn more about his life.
Victoria Claflin Woodhull was as famous in her day as Susan B. Anthony, but Woodhull's wild politics and eccentric lifestyle landed her in court and into obscurity.
Vincent Van Gogh biography: who was this incredible artist that turned dabs of paint into amazing art? Uncover the mistique of the emotions behind his work.
Vlad Tepes left his barbaric mark in history. This Romanian nobleman was known as "The Impaler" and is immortilized in Bram Stoker's vampire novel, "Dracula".
The life of Walt Disney and how he came to create his famous Walt Disney World.
Summary of the life and baseball accomplishments of Walter 'Smokey' Alston.
Many interesting facts exist about Columbus that would reflect he might have been of Jewish descent. His name,date of voyage, and crew choice a re prime examples.
In school we all learned that Custer and his troops were massacred by thousands of savages. We also learnt that there were no white survivors. Don't you think it's time we got the truth?
There are various historians who believe that Richard Lionheart, the 12th century English royal, whose very name epitomizes chivalry and valor, was gay.
Who is Casey Jones? A 1900 train wreck that was immortalized by The Ballad of Casey Jones is a fascinating chapter in railroad history. Jackson, Tennessee, home of the real Casey Jones, offers tours of his home and railroad memorabilia, plus unique shopping and dining experiences.
As anyone who has read a Diana Gabaldon novel will tell you, pick one up and read a few pages and it’s a good bet you won’t be able to put it down again!
John Dillinger is one of the most notorious gun slingers of his time. Read the story of Dillinger, America's number one outlaw.
Summary of the life and baseball career of Walter Johnson.
Bess Truman, wife of President Harry Truman, shunned the spotlight personally and devoted her life to her husband and his career, as well as her daughter, Margaret Truman Daniels, and her sons.
President Woodrow Wilson's devoted second wife, Edith, is referred to as the "silent president" because it is believed she ran the government following his stroke in 1919.
Ellen Wilson, Woodrow Wilson's first wife, provided him with great affection and support, as well as three daughters, as he went from shy teacher to the President of the United States.
Ohio native Florence Harding, wife of Warren G. Harding, lacked refinement and great beauty, but she skillfully masterminded her husband's career to get him elected president.
One of America's most beloved first ladies, Jackie Kennedy endured the assassination of her husband, John Kennedy, with the same dignity and charm that is her legacy.
King Tutankhamun's tomb can be seen at the Cairo Museum, but who was he?
As the wife of President Herbert Hoover,Stanford graduate Lou Hoover was known for her warm hospitality and genuine concern for charities benefitting youth.
The Celtic peoples, including some of their customs.
Wild Bill Hickok was one of the most famous gunfighters of the Wild West. He tamed two of the most lawless towns in Kansas.
A look at Texas hero William Barret Travis, whose short life included personal scandal and professional acclaim.
William H. Taft led a successful life as judge and president. As the only man to ever sit on the Supreme Court and serve as President, Taft left his mark as a fair, honest man.
A biography of William Henry Harrison, our ninth president, when he came into office, how long he was in office, and when he stopped serving in office, as well as what he did in office.
William Henry Harrison became the ninth president of the United States. He became President in 1841, he was the first president to die in office.
Winston Churchill is one of the great statesmen of the 20th Century. His life was filled with drama and excitement as well as personal defeat and triumph.
Behind MLK stood the women of the civil rights movement: Diane Nash, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Ella Baker, who founded the SCLC. They worked in the Nashville March, Montgomery's Bus Boycott, voting drives, and more.
The Renaissance age gave us many notable and adventurous women. It wasn't only Queen Isabella and Elizabeth I who left colorful histories. Read the biographies women of the renaissance.