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Depending on whom you ask and the time of the year the image of the Jersey Devil brings a wide range of things to mind. The Jersey Devil is a name given to a mythical creature that has come to haunt the woods of New Jersey for the last two hundred and sixty years. The superstition that surrounds it centers around a family called "Leeds". This family is the most widely mentioned in reference to the origins of the creature. The creature was born some say by a Mrs. Leeds, who it is also claimed was a witch. While about to give birth she shouted that she hoped that her next, child, her thirteenth, would be a devil.

The creature is said to have a wide rage of unusual physical characteristics among these the face of a horse, the feet of a crane and wings like a bat. Others have said that the creature resembles a small dog with wings. It is said to stand about three feet tall and move by a combination of running in its feet and flying. A few witnesses have shot at it and claimed that the bullets simply bounced off while others say that it is impervious to them.

Reports from this the last century have greatly diminished. In the more than two hundred years since its inception over two thousand witnesses have all claimed to see the creature, most of who are long since dead. In any case the one defining aspect in all sightings is the reference to a creature that appears to have body parts of other animals as part of its own body. Reports from this century have slowed down to a trickle.

Dead animals found in the woods have been linked to the creature although there has never been any conclusive proof of anything existing beyond the boundaries of the human mind.