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"Roses are red, violets are blue, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, The Yellow Rose of Texas...". These are only a few of the many phrases that come to mind when referring to the Rose. But how and when did the famous flower go from a thorny bush to one of world significance?

The beautiful symbolic flower of the Rosaceae family actually dates back to the days of early prehistoric man. Records haven't been confirmed accurate yet but certain carbon datings indicate that vitamin C was extracted from rose hips and the hips and petals were used medicinally as well.

Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations contained many myths of the rose. The Greeks believed that the rose was white until the goddess of love, Venus stabbed her toes on a thorny stalk and was then enticed to rescue her loved one from evil powers. Venus's blood was then dripped onto the white flower, coloring it red for eternity.

The first rosary was believed to be formed in later years in a prayer cycle renamed a rosary. This rosary consisted of a dense concentration of the thorny and flowering shrubs which was essentially one of the first Rose Gardens. It is also likely that the first rosary beads were created with the petals.

In Medieval England of the 1400's the infamous War of the Roses, was a civil battle of royalty between the houses of York and Lancaster due to differences of rose color. The prefered choice by the Yorkmen was white and Lancaster wore the red rose on their badge of honor. When the battle or War of the Roses ended, Lancaster eventually chose the red badge for representation.

By 1986, the U.S. Congress decided on the rose as the country's first official flower.