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The Tasmanian Devil is the last remaining marsupial carnivore. It is about the size of a small to medium sized dog and rarely exceeds three feet in length. The coat is usually black or dark brown in color. It is a very stocky looking animal, it looks like a cross between a dog and a small bear.

During the day it spends its time sleeping in bushes or in hollow logs or anywhere else it can find to call a home. At night they feed upon small to medium sized animals, snakes and reptiles. It has a home range of about 14km and usually walks along well-defined paths night in night out. It's not a fast runner but can run for short distances by propelling itself with both its hind feet at the same time.

They are one of the more vocal marsupials with calls from whistles to groans and more being heard on a nightly basis. Adult devils subsist mainly on dead animals and rely little on catching their own food. For the most part they are omnivorous, meaning that they eat anything and everything that they can get their paws on. For this reason many are killed each year on the sides of roads as they eat other animals killed by passing vehicles.

Tasmanian Devils have very strong jaws. When eating an animal they can devour everything, even bone. Four are usually born to usually around mid March. Up to 60% of offspring die each year mainly because of having to compete with other devils and dingoes.

Tasmanian Devils survive solely on the island of Tasmania. More than five hundred years ago the devil was wide spread over much of Australia and Tasmania but as farmers took over the land, the devil was blamed a lot for sheep killing which in part may have been the responsibility of wild dingoes.

The Tasmanian devil was officially declared a protected species in 1941 and has maintained that status ever since.