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Coffee comes in many varieties and blends. But, it’s not a “new” beverage. In fact, it’s rather old. Five hundred years ago, coffee was first cultivated in Arabia. During the 16th and 17th centuries, coffee from the islands of Mocha and Java, was introduced all over Europe. It really became most popular in London in 1652 at the first coffeehouse, St. Michael’s Alley in Cornhill. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the first ads for coffee proclaimed that “coffee quickens the spirits, and makes the heart lightsome.” American coffeehouses were first established as early as 1689 in Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

Over the years, two different types of coffee bean species have become the most popular in American homes. Arabica beans have a wide taste range from sweet to sharp. But, they are very delicate and require cool climates, moisture and rich soil in order to resist disease. Robustas are tougher and less subject to disease, but, the beverage made from these beans is sometimes considered inferior to coffee made from Arabicas beans. Robustas coffee also has a higher caffeinie level. Most often American supermarket brands use Robusta beans. The higher quality Arabicas beans can be found in gourmet labels.

Do a little taste testing and determine what blend, grind, and variety of coffee is your favorite. And remember, coffee is a beverage that has endured the test of time.