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Coca-Cola Company had been through a lot of struggles before it became what it is now. Its early years started in 1886 when an Atlanta pharmacist named John Pemberton came up with a drink consisting of carbonated water, cane sugar syrup, caffeine, kola nut and cola leaves extracts. The resulting drink was found to be nutritious and refreshing. Pemberton together with his bookkeeper, Frank Robinson sold it to the market. Robinson suugested to name the beverage Coca-Cola after its two ingredients and so it was. They termed it "Delicious" and "Refreshing".

However, Pemberton died in 1888 with his earnings only amounting to $50. He sold his company to Asa Candler,an Atlanta wholesale druggist for the cost of $2,300. In 1892, Candler and his brother, John, Frank Robinson and his two colleagues established the Coca-Cola Company.

To further make his drink publicly known, he spent $11,000 in 1892 for the beverage's posters, murals and distributed flyers which can be seen on most markets.

The company established its first beverage plant in Dallas, Texas. The drink was then first bottled by a bottling company in Vicksburg, Mississippi. A year later,it was sold all over the country.

Two lawyers named Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead from Chattanooga, Tennesse bought the company's coke syrup distribution rights in 1899. Later, the two split up due to differences in time and money. Thomas owned the rights for the Northeast and West coast while Whitehead supervised the Southeast, Southwest and Midwest territories.

The drink had its first curved bottle contour in 1915 based on the shape of a coca bean. Candler retired from his job and passed its rights to his children. He became Atlanta's mayor in 1916.

Ernest Woodruff of Columbus, Georgia bought the company in 1919 worth $25 million. His son,Robert became the company's president. Robert spent more time researching about marketing the drink than manufacturing it. Two slogans were added under his term: "The Pause that Refreshes" and "It's the Real Thing". Since then, Coca-Cola grew until it became what it was known today.