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The history of the ancient Egyptian obelisks, what ones are still standing and where they are now.
You can find antique carousels all across America. There are still about 130 in existence today.
Bellydancing history: Is modern bellydance REALLY bellydance? Would you have seen I Dream of Jeannie in Ancient Egypt? Find out by reading on...
Benjamin Franklin's inventions made many contributions to the United States. He was a great inventor, writer, and a politician.
Superstitions and a sinister history surround the ball. They were shared by ancient man, Britain and Europe, even affecting modern sports - golf, tennis and soccer.
The Difference and Analytic Engines: precursors of modern computers. It took the wild mind of Charles Babbage to come up with it!
The Coca Cola Company has the world's leading trademark with regards to softdrink sales. Learn the early history of this company.
A breif history of the comic book industry. In the early 1990s Image comics gathered a pool of talent from Marvel and DC to bring forth new creator owned comics with stunning full color artwork.
The Chevrolet Corvette has a fascinating history from its introduction in 1953 as America's first sports car to the establishment of the largest museum deidcated to a single automobile.
Dark horse comics has a fascinating history. Using talent like Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Frank Miller Dark Horse Comics helped Independant comics gain respect and come of age.
Electric steamers take the guesswork out of one the most delicious and healthful ways to cook.
A history of the swords commonly used in fencing, as well as the weapons they derived from.
The history of fireworks: Used in almost every country today - where did they come from and how different are fireworks today, than the original?
Description of the flags used by the Confederacy, and their proper names.
Gem Twist is one of the most well known showjumpers in history. He is the only horse that has been awarded with the AGA Horse of the Year title three times running.
Gothic gargoyles are ancient stone sculptures used as water spouts. Today the grotesque and chimeric figures protect gardens and star in animated series.
Learn about John Gregg, who invented Gregg Shorthand, a stenography system used all over the world.
When Henry Ford made the Model T cheap, he made it weird as well. It had to back up the hills.
Air conditioning is a 20th century phenomenon. The Romans had aquaducts. The British were masters of the sea. But it took an American engineer whose invention to control temperature and humidity changed the world forever.
The bells' history is haunted by superstitions shared by the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Celts and Medieval man. Modern Britain and Europe are still under their spell.
Cartography dates back 2,500 years and has a rich history. Uncover the fascinating world of the mapmakers, from Ptolemy to the Computer satellite
History of coffee: Five hundred years ago, coffee was first cultivated in Arabia.
30 years ago, Bill Gates and a group of friends enjoyed working with computers. Today, Microsoft is a multibillion dollar company and rides the crest of the internet wave.
When was the first ever motor car introduced and who invented it?
A real look at the origin of nursery rhymes that we remember to this day, where they came from, and what they meant.
In the 1960's Aurora Plastic Monster Models were a hit. Read how the Nabisco Cookie company put an end to all that.
Learn the history of the banana, the perfect food.
History of the calculator: its history and creator.
A concise history of English Language dictionaries from Samuel Johnson to the present
The H L Huntley was the world's first truly workable submarine. During the Civil War, it sank the Union gunship Housatonic, but also sank itself with the loss of all hands.
Edwin Land invented the Polaroid Camera as a response to his daughter's desire to see their vacation photos right away.
Learn the history of the rose. This famous flower is best associated with its red color. However, since early man, the rose has seen many other uses and colors.
What is the history of Adolf Hitler's controversial emblem - the swastika. Learn the real meaning of this age old symbol.
The Hope Diamond, including it's history and the infamous curse.
Overview of the manuscript painting (called illumination) from the Middle Ages.
Japanese character writing uses three 'alphabets' at once. Kanji or Chinese characters everyone knows but what are the other two and how do they work?
A work of art in 17 syllables, haiku is a suprisingly 'complete' form of poetry. Whether in Japanese or English or another language, the impact of three short lines is unmistakeable.
Information on manga publication in Japan and how it differs from the U.S.comic book industry.
Kabuki theatre is an artform that has gone full circle, Kabuki started out all female and, 400 years later is only played by men. How did this happen and what affect has it had on the performances?
Japanese beckoning cats,Maneki-Neko are to be found in the shop windows of stores,restaurants,noodle shops in countless streets of any of Japan's major cities.They are part of an ancient tradition.
Where does the legend of the Native American Dreamcatcher originate? What materials are they made of and what meaning is behind them?
Rattles are used for ceremonial purposes by many cultures, including Native Americans. With these simple instructions you can make your own.
The study of the origin of the day names, from different ciltures, where the days got their names.
When plastic recycling programs were first introduced, consumers were using foam containers for food and landfills were overflowing with disposable plastic bottles. Some critics have suggested that the program is not working.
Learn about the history of port wine. That a rich red wine from northern Portugal turned out to be one of the world's classic wines is an accident of history.
A breif look at the history of quilts and some background information on Amish quilting.
The distance between New York's capital, Albany, and its biggest city, New York, helped Robert Fulton open the first steam ship line along the Hudson River.
Our calligraphy is done with pen and ink while Japanese calligraphy (shodo) uses a brush. Learn about the history of this still popular art form and find out what makes good calligraphy!
The oak tree's acorn has a long history of superstitions - Ancient Romans, Druids, Scandinavia, Nordic legends, modern folklore, Britain and medicine have all been influenced.
Charm bracelets have a long history of superstitions. From Ancient Egypt to Victorian England, modern paganism still lives with ancient good luck charms and amulets.
The chinese zodiac signs tell you what animal sign you are! Rat or horse, dog or dragon, they all have their own personalities.
The crystal skull is a mysterious artifact created as replicas of human skulls by ancient shamen.
A brief summary of the finding and significance of the Dead Sea scrolls.
Where did The Sphinx come from and when was it built. There are many mysteries surrounding The Sphinx and how it came to be.
The history of chewing gum: from primitive tree sap and grasses to the modern-day multitudes of brand names and flavors, gum has had a colorful and chewable history
Learn the history of chewing gum from its earliest known use in Ancient Greece to modern-day America.
Learn about the history of falconry and how it grew to be virtually a craze in medieval England, for over four hundred years.
Photography has a fascinating history. When exactly was the first ever photograph produced and how was it taken?
Learn about the history of one of the oldest known spirit drinks, Scotch whisky, and the struggle between the Scottish distilleries and the illegal producers.
Silk has a long history, beginning in 3000 BC. Its value was quickly appreciated, becoming one of the most treasured products of the ancient world.
Learn about history of the auto industry from Henry Ford to Lee Iacocca and beyond.
The history of one of the most amazing technologies to come our way: the cellular phone. I will give a brief synopsis of what it is, how it is used, and where it originated.
An artist as well as an inventor, Morse had always been enthralled with electricity, and upon returning from a trip to Europe, he laid out his first plans for a telegraph.
Learn about thei history of the Titanic; one of the most notorious disasters ever to affect public transport. The brief life, then tragic sinking, of the RMS Titanic.
Learn about the history of tobacco, from the Central American tribes of over 2000 years ago, to the cigarettes of the 20th Century and beyond.
Is the holy shroud of turin physical evidence of Christ's death? Millions believe so. What answers, though, does science provide.
The Japanese zero fighter was developed by the Mitsubishi company in 1937. This fighter was more nimble and had long range capability.
An article on the Jersey Devil, the so-called creature that haunts has haunted the woods of New Jersey for the last two hunderd and sixty years.
When did the Orient Express begin its train journeys and why did it end its life in the late 1970s?
The oceanliner Queen Mary,saw action in both war time and peace time. Today, she's a hotel.
The quest for the Holy Grail is one of the most enduring legends known to man. Here is some background on the mysterious chalice.
This article is an overview of the Shroud of Turin, thought by some to be the actual burial shroud of Jesus.
The blunderbuss was a unique sort of gun with a funnel-shaped barrel and some very strange shooting characteristics. It was made in various forms between the seventeenth and ninteenth centuries.
The Tasmanian Devil, the last remaining marsupial carnivore. An animal about the size of a medium sized dog that has a reputation for eating anything and everything.
Find out some of the good uses for tobacco.
Traditional Indian clothing - description of sari, ghagra-choli, salwar-kameez, dupatta, pyjama and kurta.
The translation of the Rosetta Stone was the key to learning ancient hieroglyphics, a language used for over 3500 years. Learn the story of its discovery and how it was deciphered.
UFO research: Starting in the late 1940's in Roswell, NM the whole UFO controversy began. Since then, many other sightings have been made all over the world.
The history of the unicorn has its roots in heraldry and the British Crown and is said to symbolise virginity.
The United Nations' organizational structure and history is summarized on this concise page. Founded in 1945 as a reaction to the horrors of the war that had just ended, the UN has worked to promote peace and stability.
The best water power systems that can be used today and special tips on using them.
Karate is probably one of the best known Japanese sports, largely due to the various movies which have centred both on the thinking behind it and the training and physical side. Learn baout its history.
Where did the rabbit and easter egg come from? Has Easter always been a time when the Easter Bunny visited, bringing children chocolate eggs?