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Languages are classified by experts into families. Each member of the family came from sources called 'parent languages'.

About 48% of people speak the most widely used parent language: this is the Indo-European tongue. Persons from Europe,Australia,New Zealand,North,Central and South America use it. Included in this group are the English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Hindustani and Scandinavian languages.

This was followed by the Sino-Tibetan family. 23% of people speak this language specifically the Chinese,Thais,Burmese and Tibetan.

The Arabians and Hebrews constitute the Afro-Asian family. It gets about 4%.

165 million people, mainly the Japanese and Koreans form another language family.

The Uralic and Altaic family was spoken by by 3% of the world's population.This specifies the Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, Mongol, Manchu and other parts of Russia.

In Southern India and Sri Lanka,the Tamil and Telugu languages are being spoken of at about 3% of the people. This belongs to the Dravidian family.

About 5% of people speak those included in the Malayo-Polynesian family. These are Indonesians, Filipinos, Hawaiians, New Zealanders and others living in the Pacific islands.

Most people from Southeast Asia and other regions in India are a part of the Mon-Khmer family.It takes about 1%.

People living in Sudan,Ethiopia and Somalia speak the Black African language.This language takes about 7%.

There are also other languages which are hard to group because of a difference among them.It makes about 1%.