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There are all sorts of urban legends throughout the world, ranging from love to humor to horror. Yet it seems we can never get enough of these so called truths if you will. I myself don't take too much stock in urban legends since I believe that most of it is made up of superstition and people passing along info with a little bit added from themselves. I'm sure that there are some that may actually be factual. So lets look at a few of these urban legends, shall we?
Here's a good one for you. It seems this guy tried to turn his goat into a watchdog. He beat it every chance he got to make it aggressive. Well lets just say that one day he went to do it and the goat fought back. The goat got in the first hit by butting the man in the stomach and then chased him up onto the porch. It then butted the owner one last time pushing the guy off the porch. The guy fell five feet to his death. As for the cause of the death, the goat had ruptured the guy's stomach along with blunt trauma from the fall. Good! The idiot got what he deserved. As for the goat, according to article I read, a shelter for abused animals adopted him and the goat is living well. I guess this guy must have been too poor to go buy a dog. I guess you could say this whole episode came to bite him in the butt.
It seems Ii stumbled across a coca-cola urban legend. This one dates back to 1885 and two ingredients they used in making the soft drink. I'm sure the developers of coca-cola wasn't aware that their soda contained cocaine. Good thing for them that not only did they work to improve their formula but not having a slogan. Maybe the first real slogan should have been for coca-cola: "Have a snort and a smile."
And this one seems amusing. It seems older models of cordless phones have a tendency to dial 911 when batteries are low. Maybe the phone thought it was dying and needed assistance. I guess it must suck for those who have those older models. But I do feel sorry that it happens. Good thing there aren't laws against phone murder.
Well as you can see by some of the examples I've used, urban legends can be silly, interesting or just plain scary. Its up to you to decide whether or not to believe these legends. I actually like looking for the ones that are just silly in nature. You could say urban legends are what makes life interesting.