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Hands sweat as a normal process of the body function to cool and lubricate the skin. Clammy hands are the result of excessive sweating. It is a very common condition and affects every 1 in 200 persons. The medical term for clammy hands is hyperhidrosis. It is an embarrassing condition for the sufferer as h/she is aware of how nervous she appears to be with clammy hands. Clammy hands are caused by overactive nerves that send signals to the sweat glands in the skin in the sympathetic nervous system. Clammy hands are an inherited condition.

It is a common belief that clammy hands arise from nervousness, fear, anxiety, discomfort or low self-confidence. Hyperhidrosis sufferers lose their external poise and confidence as they struggle to hide their clammy hands.

Sweaty hands can be overcome by many methods. Creams or powders containing aluminum chloride can be used to reduce the sweat on palms and feet. These are available on prescription basis. Your family doctor can issue you advice and a prescription for this. The disadvantage of this method is that they cause skin irritation with prolonged use. Other medications work in different ways. The aim is to prevent the neuron transmitter acetylcholine form triggering the sweat glands at the roots of the sympathetic nerves. This reduces the quantity of sweat produced. The disadvantage is that it produces a side effect. Users will generally experience dryness in the mouth.

A new, revolutionary method is expensive and has a limited effectiveness. Sweaty palms are injected with a dilute form of botulism toxin. This deactivates the sweat glands in the skin. This is effective for a period of 6 to 12 months. This treatment is costly.

The surgical method of overcoming sweaty palms is with thoracoscopic sympathectomy or endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy surgery. This involves a half hour surgery by a specialist. The surgeon uses modern thoracoscopic techniques to operate on the chest. A tiny television camera is used to see and remove the thoracic sympathetic ganglions, which cause the sweaty palms. The patient is usually discharged a few hours after this surgery. He can resume his normal activities after resting for a few days.

A home remedy for curing clammy hands and feet uses the vegetable radish. Boil a couple of white radishes in a pot of water until they become soft. Remove the roots. You can eat them while waiting for the stock to cool down a bit. Test the temperature of the soup. At a tolerable temperature for your hands to get immersed in the soup, sit with the pot at a table and soak your hands in the soup. You'll get the feeling of your nerves tingling; as if you are soaking your hands in a chemical solution. That's the effect of the vegetable's natural chemicals working on your skin. As soon as the soup cools, you can remove your hands, wash and dry them. Repeat this home remedy as many times as necessary until the day your hands no longer sweat profusely. This also works for sweaty feet using the same procedure. This is not medically proven.

Whichever method you use for reducing sweaty palms depends on your personal preferences. People living in temperate climates have less to fear, as cold weather does not encourage the production of sweat.