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If not used properly, tanning beds can be dangerous. Always follow safety precautions. Here are a few tips to follow while using a tanning bed.

#1 Use protective eyewear. It IS a necessary part of tanning. The UV rays found in the bulbs of tanning beds can cause serious damage to the retina. Though it may not happen instantly, over a period of time, the damage will be done.

#2 Always follow safety instructions set forth in safety guides. All tanning facilities should provide this information for you.

#3 Never stay in a bed longer than recommended time. The time limit is set for a reason. Your body is allowed only so much and after a certain amount of exposure, you body starts to 'cook' instead of tan. Serious injuries can occur to vital organs and if you stay in too long, death can even occur.

Tanning beds aren't all bad. They have several beneficial aspects, as well. More and more doctor's today are recommending it to patients who suffer from arthritis. The heat the tanning beds provide helps eleviate the pain associated with this disease.

As well, doctors also recommend it to patients with skin disorders. By using a tanning bed it helps stop the occurances of breakouts.

Using a tanning bed can be fun and a great way to get a tan. It doesn't have to be deadly. Follow all safety guidelines set forth and you should have an experience that doesn't turn into catastrophe.