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The fact of the matter is that tanning beds are provided to give us great tans, but if used incorrectly, they can also be very dangerous weapons of destruction.

Tanning beds have certain time limits that must be strictly followed in order to secure your safety while using. No bed is set for more than twenty minutes, and for a good reason. Too much time beneath these bulbs can result in serious damage, not only to the skin and the organs inside your body, but your eyes as well. As the owner of four tanning beds I have often heard people asking to stay for longer, many assuring me that other owners allow them to stay for up to thirty minutes. This is not safe. While you may not be aware of any damage to your body, prolonged exposure to the light and heat from these bulbs is not good for the body.

Tanning beds do actually 'burn' people up, as we so often hear about. When people expose their bodies to the heat and light from these machines for long periods of time, the tanning beds in turn act like a giant oven, that can ultimately 'cook' your insides. That is why the time limits on tanning beds are strictly enforced.

Another thing that people do not follow strictly is the usage of proper eye wear, though sanctioned by law. The light from the bulbs is bad for the eyes, specifically dangerous to the retina which can cause damage and premature blindness in an otherwise healthy eye.

While tanning beds do get a bad wrap for causing so much damage to the skin, eyes, and organs of the body, they also have several useful areas as well. Many doctors now suggest the usage of tanning beds to patients with psoriasis or arthritis. The heat can relieve the pain caused by arthritis and the outbreaks of psoriasis.

In closing, tanning beds are good, but if used unappropriately, they can be deadly.