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Sleepiness comes uninvited and unwelcome. You're in the midst of some activity, enjoying feeling alive under the sun. A breeze croons high in the trees. You are happy. Now sleepiness arrives and walks onto your deck or into your cabin or living room without knocking. Sleepiness wears a royal red robe with ermine trim and fills a room with his presence. Sleepiness is Peter Ustinov--he must be heard. Sleepiness drives a truck into your study and refuses to leave. You can put him up on your sun porch or in your guest room, but he's staying. Will you stay up to watch him take you over or will you take a rest and wake up after he's wandered off?

Sometimes Sleepiness can hurt, when it's gone too far, when you haven't listened for too many hours. When you stay up too late for too many nights, the otherwise delightful beckoning of sleep becomes like the insistent rumble of a train who's lights at night serve to keep you from relaxing down to your toes.

Then other times you're not sleepy at bedtime. Know when you're sleepy and when you're not. Do you have to set your life by the clock every day? Some people can organize days when you can listen to your own rhythms and be awake and asleep according to how you feel instead of what the hour is. Do you eat when you're hungry or when a certain time comes? Would it be fun to have cheese and crackers and a few simple ready-to-eat meal items and have a bite when you feel like it. Forget about having a formal meal for once.

When you're sleepy the feeling may pass in a few minutes. Confusion is a great source of sudden sleepiness. If you feel sleepy, take a nap if you can. Wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the next tasks.

Other times you may find yourself awake in the middle of the night, waiting for sleep or morning. Consider whether you feel like doing exercise at these times. Your body will tell you whether you have the energy or would rather rest and sleep. When you're perky at a strange hour, you can wander into the living room. If you have a VCR or DVD have a movie ready to stick in to keep you company while you do some crunches. You'll look up and see the screen each time you curl.