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Men and women alike are bombarded with images of the "perfect" woman who has been painted, coiffed, sprayed, and dressed to perfection by a group of professionals paid to achieve the image of perfect beauty. Nice work if you can get it, but what if you're the average woman? How do you maintain a feeling of beauty and femininity even if you're not model material?

Make the Most of Your Assets

First and foremost, realize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has a different idea of beauty and what appeals to one person may not appeal to another. It's all a matter of taste. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. All you need to do is discover your unique qualities and make the most of them. Women who are considered the most beautiful are the ones who maximize their potential. You know what your best qualities are. Play them up, exaggerate them, show off! Don't be afraid to get out there and show yourself to your best advantage.

For example, if you have a great smile that people compliment you on, consider lightly bleaching your teeth to make it even more noticeable. Make sure you use only the best quality lipsticks in flattering colors for your palette. Keep your lips soft and supple with a top quality lip balm.

Is thick, rich hair is your best asset? Consider highlighting your hair to bring out its natural embers. Use top quality products and don't be afraid to search for them or spend money on them. Experiment with a variety of styles to find which are the most flattering and match your personality the best.

Maybe you have a trim figure. If so, wear clothes that show it off. Strut your stuff and don't be afraid to look good. While other people may envy you, they'll also respect you for having the courage to live up to your greatest potential.

Confidence is the Most Attractive Quality

Confidence is often an elusive quality, but trust me, people know it when they see it and it's totally irresistible. There is no woman sexier or more beautiful than one with full confidence in herself and her abilities. Confidence radiates from her like a light, drawing opportunities and admirers in miraculous ways. You don't have to be conceited to express a sincere and honest belief in yourself and your abilities. Just take a good, long look at yourself and know what your strengths are. Then use them to project the utmost confidence.

Practice Good Posture

Now I don't want to sound like your mother so I won't tell you to stand up straight, but trust me, she knew what she was talking about. Posture goes right along with confidence and if you're slumped over, it dims your natural beauty. Stand tall and be proud. People will begin to wonder what you have going on that they don't know about. Walk, stand, and sit like you are somebody to be reckoned with and watch your beauty soar.

Be Bold

Be bold, brave, brazen, and daring. Take chances. Do things differently. Getting stuck in a rut does not make you look or feel attractive. Taking chances and succeeding does. When you take risks and make changes, you look and feel alive. There is vitality that accompanies boldness and makes you feel and look beautiful and vibrant.

Be a Star

You may not be famous and notable on a national level, but you certainly can be a star in your own right. Don't let anyone tell you you're not important. Developing star quality can make you beautiful and noticeable right away.

Take an interest in yourself and what you're doing. When you talk to people and they ask how you are, share with them some of the wonderful things that are happening in your life. Life is an exciting adventure. Don't fill conversations with your aches and pains or most recent calamity. Tell the fun and exciting things that are going on in your life, and you'll soon be the star of your own life. People will see you as fun, beautiful, and adventurous, and you'll see yourself that way too.

Pull Yourself Together

No matter what your height, weight, or physical attributes, you can always be clean, neat and pulled together. What I mean by that is dress in a way that everything matches, everything is clean and in top condition, and every detail of your appearance ties in with and completes a theme. Everything from your outfit to your jewelry to your purse and shoes should coordinate. Don't wear pearls with gym shoes and think that you'll come off looking as if you took time with your appearance.

If coordinating outfits is not your strong point, take a tip from a lady I know. I've always been impressed by how beautifully everything she wears matches and how each detail of her appearance complements the other. I was convinced she just had an innate fashion sense until the day when she shared her secret. She told me she was terrible at coordinating outfits and had neither the time nor the inclination to do it. Therefore, whenever she went to her favorite store, she would simply find outfits she liked on the mannequins right down to the jewelry, shoes, etc., and then she purchased the entire ensemble. I was amazed to learn the secret to her perfect fashion appearance; but hey, whatever works!

Just remember when trying to look and feel your best, you don't have to be a great beauty in the eye of the media in order to look and feel terrific about yourself. There are as many ways to be beautiful as there are people in this world. Your assignment is to find your unique and outstanding qualities and then make the most of them. Not only will you realize your own individual beauty but the rest of the world will too.