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What’s your self-talk like? Do you start the day overloaded with what’s facing you? Or do you begin the day healthy and centered? Here are 10 tips to springboard you where you want to go during your waking hours.
The Night Before
Getting your mental wheels moving in the morning actually works best if you start the night before. Cranking up the morning engine needs the best fuel. You don’t need to have garbage in your system leftover from the night before.
So, if possible, when you go to bed, do a couple of things. First, determine what you are going to eat the next day for breakfast. Have that ironed out in your mind. Even if it’s just Corn Flakes, having an idea of what you’ll eat is better than wandering through the cupboards the next day.
Then, when you are quiet, start letting go of the negatives of the day. First, forgive others for whatever and then forgive yourself for your failings. After that, let go of the garbage inside. Put your hand over your heart and let the negative emotions fall out into it. It helps to think of the emotions as a color. Let it pour out. The color and consistency may change. Let it flow until it’s clear and then empty your hand.
In The Morning
Be your own cheerleader. Start the day off believing in yourself. Look yourself in the mirror, eye to eye, point and say, “You’re the one!” See if you don’t smile, or better yet, laugh. Feel silly? That’s OK.
Let go of the need to be right all the time. The authority. Pass the power. Lend a hand. Takes a little pressure off, doesn’t it? After all, it’s only for a day. And power is a funny thing. Giving it away sometimes means having more of it. Try it and see if it doesn’t work. Let others feel in control and you’ll have them eating out of your hand.
Pray or meditate. Think good thoughts for others, especially those you don’t like. Think of as many people as you can. Send out prayer flashes to strangers. Remember karma?
Stop for a moment of silence. The creative energies of the universe can’t get through to you if your mind is always on. Take three minutes, which seems like an eternity at the time, to empty your head of all the thoughts charging through it. Let the silence center you.
Speaking of creative energies, mentally lock into them. Picture this however you want, but see yourself hooking to this vast storehouse. The energies can’t be seen except through what you can accomplish. They are there to be tapped into.
Drink three glasses of water. It cleans the system. And it’s a mental boost. Follow this with three deep breaths, slowly, emptying out the old stale air in the depth of your lungs.
What do you want to accomplish? Take it methodically. Don’t worry about what’s not getting done while you’re getting something else done. The organizational gurus are right about making lists and prioritizing. What doesn’t get done goes on tomorrow’s list.
The 95% solution. Are you always cruising at mach speed? Give yourself the opportunity to give, but give a little less. Are you Type A? Try being Type B for 10 minutes today. You still strive, but think of the word “balance” for a bit.
Talk positively to yourself. We are what we think. Replace the mental negative messages with positive ones about yourself. Even if you don’t believe it to be true. The subconscious is a funny thing. It doesn’t know the truth from non-truth, but just acts on what you tell it. Giving yourself positive doses will manifest itself in interesting ways in your life.
Rest before you get tired. Start the day with a break. Not 30 minutes in front of the television, but one or two sitting, breathing, thinking. Then do this several times throughout the day. You’ll get more accomplished, though it takes some practice to stop when you’re gas pedal is usually all the way to the floor.
These suggestions should give you a start to getting through the day and getting things done without using yourself up in the process.