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Middle-aged persons whose work is sedentary suffer more than others from lack of exercise do. Their jobs require them to use their brains, not their muscles. When quitting time arrives, they feel they have done their day’s work. They feel tired because they have used up their nervous energy and this fatigue robs them of any desire to exercise after working hours.

Even factory workers often push buttons instead of using their heavy muscles. And modern housewives do much of their work by machine. It's not that we would want our wives to milk cows by hand and pitches hay as their grandmothers did, but the modern way places such as an emphasis on doing things the easy way that our bodies suffer from lack of exercise. Therefore it becomes necessary to find other ways of keeping active.

Most people's jobs do not involve physical effort, but they recognize that they would enjoy better health if they exercise more.

What Type of Exercise?

The choice of physical activity will depend on several factors: (1) the age and vigor of the individual, (2) the weather, (3) the time of day available for exercise, (4) the ability of funds for special equipment (5) the opportunity for combining exercise with recreational interests, and (6) the preferences of the individual.

Of all possible forms of exercise walking comes first. It is adequate and is available to all. It requires no equipment, and can be suited to individual tolerance. Walking brings into play most of the body’s muscles.


1. The heart continues to pound for more than ten min after exercise has ceased.

2. Breathing is still uncomfortable following a ten-min period of rest.

3. The muscles fell shaky for more than thirty min after exercise.

4. It is hard to relax when bedtime comes.

5. The person feels unusually tired on the following day.

Benefits of Exercise

1. Exercise builds muscles, increasing their blood supply, their power, the efficiency, and their endurance, etc.

2. Exercise improves the circulation of blood throughout the body of increasing the capacity of the heart to pump blood. Improved circulation of blood throughout the body benefits the heart itself.

3. Exercise improves the efficiency of the lungs, thus providing a readily available supply of oxygen

4. Exercise improves the functions of many tissues throughout the body increasing the metabolic activity of all tissues.