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Osteoporosis happens when bone become brittle. It is caused when you lose excessive amounts of calcium and other minerals, resulting in brittle bones. Osteoporosis isn't a disease that starts overnight. A slowly progressive disease takes years to be diagnosed.

Don't let this fool you. It is important that you start fighting this disease early. By the age of 30 we all begin to lose bone mass slowly (approximately 1% per year). However after the age of 30 you can still prevent the loss of excessive bone. It is never too late or too early to fight.

You can fight osteoporosis by exercising and eating healthy. Weight bearing exercise increases the density of your bones. These are exercises like dancing, walking, running, weight lifting, and aerobics. By eating, healthy you also protect your bones. Consuming foods high in calcium and Vitamin D helps reduce the loss of bone. Calcium is the mineral in bone that gives it the rigidity. Vitamin D is responsible for the actual deposit of calcium in your bones.

Overconsumption of common foods can cause you lose bones. Substances such as caffeine, meat, and alcohol if removed or lowered in your diet can lower your risk of osteoporosis. Caffeine is a substance popular in American Diets. This is the most popular stimulant in the United States. When consumed in excess amounts, caffeine quickens the loss of calcium in bones.

Like caffeine, excessive amounts of meat cause loss of calcium. Meat protein is responsible for the removal of calcium from bone and excretion in to the urine. Not all proteins are created equal. Protein from plant sources does not cause the removal on bone from your body.

Another culprit causing excessive bone loss is alcohol. Excessive amounts of alcohol actually slow or destroys the cells responsible for building bone. These cells are part of the system that is designed to keep our body in homeostasis. When these cells are destroyed it results in the cells that remove calcium to remove an excessive amount.

Diet is not only the only contributor to osteoporosis. Smoking also increases your chance of osteoporosis. Like alcohol, smoking destroys the cells responsible for depositing calcium into your bones.

By leading a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent osteoporosis. This is a debilitating disease, which can result in fractures when you become older. Start now; remember it is never too early or too late.