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How many things do you forget each day? Where you left your car keys? The name of that guy you met at the office this morning? Those items your wife asked you to pick up on your way home? If, you’ve got a memory like a sieve, be heartened in the knowledge that you are not alone. In fact, nearly all of us suffer from an annoying tendency to forget things.

Help, however, is not hard to find. Our memory, we are told, is like a muscle. It can and should be exercised. And so we find a plethora of memory enhancement products flooding the infomercial marketplace, all promising to transform our sub-standard recall ability into the closest thing we’ll ever find to a photographic memory. The problem is that most of these products leave us with nothing but an oversized credit card debt. Most of us have neither the time nor the inclination to pour valuable hours into the courses that we have to fork out for. But all is not lost. There are some basic steps that anyone can take to dramatically improve the functioning of their memory. Try the following to get immediate improvements in your own recall ability:

(1)Take the time to etch important things into your memory. Spend up to 2 minutes thinking about the thing you wish to remember. Tell yourself that you are really intent on remembering it.
(2) Get accurate information. Ask people to repeat names and even spell them out to you. You can only retrieve data that was accurately inputted in the first place.
(3) Visualize. Try to draw a mental picture of yourself connected with the thing you wish to remember. For instance, picture yourself washing the car. If you have an image of your self accidentally kicking over the water bucket, this will make it even easier to remember to wash the car.
(4) Make Visual Links. If remembering a list of items or names, link them together visually in your mind. You could, for instance, conjure up an image in your mind of a man with sparklingly bright shoes on slipping on a banana skin while taking a big bite out of an apple to remember to get some bananas, apples and shoe polish.
(5) Verbalize. Tell yourself out loud that you need to do things. Also, verbalize things as you do them. For instance, you can say out loud when you turn off the oven, lock the door or shut the window. This will help you to remember that you have done these things later.
(6) Mental Review. After being introduced to someone try using their name several times in conversation. Work new information into your conversation. Share new facts with others. All of these things will help you in your recall.

Your mind will become stronger and more effective the more it is used. Your memory has an unlimited storage potential. Start exercising it today and you can begin tapping into that amazing potential right now.