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Garlic has been attributed to provide natural healing powers.Daily consumers of garlic attest to its mysterious potency.It's a natural antibiotic to boost the immune system which keeps the body healthy. This, in turn, delays aging and promotes longevity. There are a few living centurions who say garlic is responsible for their healthy lives.

Garlic is used in cancer research with mice. It was proven that garlic oil stops cancerous tumors in mice. In Italy and China, surveys were done on stomach cancer statistics in relation to garlic consumption. Cancer deaths were low in areas of high garlic intake. Life-long garlic consumption protects humans against stomach cancer. The accumulative effects of garlic are potent. However, don't expect garlic to arrest full blown cancer.

Garlic has organosulphur compounds which stop bacteria reproduction in the stomach. The bacteria are cancer causing culprits as they convert food inside the stomach into carcinogens or cancerous cells.

On-going cancer research with mice shows that garlic stops tumors in colon, rectum, esophagus and skin. Garlic stops formation of dangerous free radicals which cause cancer.

Garlic has chemicals which prevent blood clots and artery hardening. This property of garlic protects against heart disease.

Garlic oil kills fungus and yeast. In earlier times, garlic was used as an antiseptic for wounds. Garlic was marketed as a drug but it failed to catch on because garlic smells bad and has a limited life-span on the shelf.

Garlic has many healing powers but the smell of garlic breath turns some people off. One can take some other food, drink or breath freshener to kill the pungent odor. Eat garlic as your natural drug against disease!