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How often do you complain about being tired? Believe it or not, this complaint accounts for nearly half a million doctor visits every year.

Why do you get tired?
Your body channels energy to the cells where this energy is harnessed and changed into fuel. Your body's main source of energy is glucose. This fuel can be stored-or put into action-as your body needs it. As long as it has sufficient fuel, it can function properly. However, when faced with things like anxiety or lack of sleep, the body is unable to channel the energy. The result is fatigue, sheer exhaustion, and even illness as your immune system gets weaker.

How to beat fatigue?
Everyone experiences fatigue differently, but learning how to limit its biggest causes is an important beginning to boosting your energy.
a.. Get up off the couch - inactivity actually makes you more tired. Exercise helps generate energy, increases your metabolism, burns fuel more efficiently, and raises the level of endorphins (the feel-good chemicals in your brain that reduce pain and make you more alert).
b.. Go to sleep at the same time every night - sleep is the body's method of replenishing energy. The body's natural rhythm responds to light and darkness, telling it when to rest. When this rhythm is interrupted, for whatever reason, irritability, illness, and fatigue can result. If an hour of sleep is lost one night, get an extra half-hour or so each night to gradually make it up. This resets your clock.
c.. Eat energy boosting foods - food is actually an overlooked source of fatigue. Foods with refined sugar can cause blood sugar levels to surge, resulting in listlessness, irritability, and exhaustion. Food intolerance might also cause stress to the body leading to a state of low energy. Eat foods high in protein (fish, skinless poultry), complex carbohydrates (beans, unmilled whole grains). Stay away from beef, pork, whole dairy products, white flour, refined sugar, and stimulants, such as caffeine. You should begin to feel more energized.
d.. Manage your time more efficiently - A busy life can rob your body of much needed rest and restoration. Learn to get your work done effectively and efficiently to create a balance between sleep, structured exercise, and unstructured time to relax.
When your car is low on fuel, you stop at a gas station. If your body is low on energy, use these tips to stop at the life station.