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Many natural immune supplements can help supplement the immune system. There are many examples of supplements that can help prevent people from ever getting sick. One great supplement is moducare, which is a special mixture of plant fats otherwise know as sterols and sterolins. Susceptibility to infection is reduced and daily supplementation reduces incidence of colds and flus.

These important plant fats occur in all plant life, some more than others. These sterols regulate the immune system. If your immune system is overacting, as is found in arthritis, then moducare returns the function to normal. If your immune system is suppressed due to stress or illness, moducare will give it some extra energy. It basically acts as a guide to immune health.

Echinacea is a medicinal herb originally used by North American Plains Indians. The herb starts a process called phagocytosis, prodding white blood cells and lymph cells to attack viruses, bacteria, and abnormal cells. It also increases natural killer cell activity by forty percent. This herb has huge potential in fighting things from the common cold to the superficial wounds, burns, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

Another supplement that stimulates the immune system involves a product called TH! Robotics. This product has bacteria that produce certain cell messengers that help cell-mediated immunity. These cell messengers include gamma interferon and interlocking 12 (lL-12) as well as IL-2. There are also bacteria, e.g. L. Casei, that will help stimulate a natural killer cell response to cancer. This supplement has potential in all diseases ranging from cancer to arthritis.

Another supplement that has been shown to benefit the immune system actually came from the mushroom. The product is called beta glucan. This supplement is really special as it causes a total immune response when taken. It has been found to be effective in stimulating macrophages (leukocytes, or white blood cells). Macrophages are the immune system's first line of defense against foreign invaders. A macrophage can recognize and kill tumors and attack foreign pathogens like viruses and bacteria. They can activate the cell messengers and cause an immune response to mobilize B and T cells and the immune system in general.

These immune supplements offer hope to people who are chronically ill or just feel under the weather often.