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Aside from its benefits, no medicine is without risk. Side effects, food interactions,allergic reactions or interaction with other drugs you are taking are all things to consider when taking your medicine. Ask your doctor these questions before you take a new prescription:

What is the name of the medicine?
What does it do?
Should I avoid any foods,diet supplements, alcohol, caffeine,other medicines, over the counter medicines or anything else while taking this drug?
Are there any side effects?
What should I do in the event of side effects?
Will this medicine affect my activity level or ability to sleep?
If I miss a dose, what should I do?

Before you leave your doctor’s office, make sure that you understand how to take your medicine properly. Because of the risk of drug interaction, it is smart to get all your prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy.

Contact your doctor if you experience any problems such as a new or unanticipated side effect. Just because symptoms disappear doesn’t mean you should not continue the entire course of your medicine—take what was prescribed in the dose prescribed.
Don’t store your medicine in the bathroom.

Keep all medications away from heat, light and moisture and away from children.

Never take someone else’s prescription.