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What causes Acne?
People who are most likely to get acne will generally have both overproducing oil glands and a tendency for cells lining the pores to clog. These two problems work together to trap and incubate bacteria on the skin. The result is a chronic formation of the whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

Some facts about acne
- A bacterium is the common culprit to all forms of acne.
- There are over fifty types of acne.
- An estimated eighty percent of the people suffer from some form of acne in their life.

Effects of your diet on acne
It is important to note that good nutrition helps maintain healthy skin. Be aware of junk food, such as potato chips, corn chips, etc. Try keeping your diet low in fat and sugar. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. A high fiber diet is excellent in promoting good health.

Basic washing techniques
Keeping your face clean requires that you wash it two times per day, three times at the most. You must be very careful to avoid overdoing it. Skin must maintain the proper pH levels to remain healthy. Over washing will make your face dry and irritated causing more breakouts. Wash your face by gently rotating your soap lathered hands on your face. You may have to experiment with a few different soaps and find the one that works for you. Rinse well with warm water. Using a clean soft towel.

Don't squeeze them. Keep your hands off any pimple, blackhead or whitehead that appears on your face, You'll only make the area more inflamed and the bump larger.