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Cuts and Scrapes
Buy an over the counter ointment such as Polysporin or Neosporin. Clean the wound with soap and water or just water. Clean twice a day. Then put an elastic bandage or strips of cloth on the wound. Be sure that the bandage is firmly in place on the wound to stop the bleeding. Be careful not to cut off circulation.

Corns and Callouses
Soak your feet in a very diluted Chamomile tea. The tea will soothe and soften hard skin.

Dry Skin
Follow each bath with a moisturizer. One of the best moisturizers is petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Buy superfatted soaps such as Neutragena or Dove.

Do not use butter on burns. Food on burns can hold the heat in your tissue and make the burn worse. Gently wrap the burn in a clean, dry cloth such as a thick gauze. Then, do nothing for twenty four hours. After twenty four hours wash your burn with soap and water or Betadine. Soothe with Aloe two to three times a day. Aloe has an analgesic effect. When your burn is healing break open a vitamin E capsule and rub on burn. This may prevent scarring.

Some ways to ease the ache of arthritis are: Lose weight. The more over weight you are the more stress and pressure you place on your joints. Do stretching exercises for strength and mobility. Water exercises are great for relieving pain,

Disinfect the bite with an antiseptic. Rub an aspirin tablet over the bite. To relieve itching apply Calamine lotion, ice packs or an oral over the counter antishistimine. Choose an over the counter allergy or cold preparation. Certain bath oils such as Avon's Skin So Soft have a repellant effect.