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Developing physical fitness and staying in shape is a fundamental part of everyone's life. People tend to take physical fitness for granted, with no thought of how it can play a key role in the way we think, act, and feel.

Let us think about our bodies for a minute. We must have good nutrition, consisting of such foods as fruits, grains, carbohydrates, fish and diary. Nutrients that come from eating these key items keep our bodies healthy. The amount of energy supplied by a nutrient is measured in calories. Our bodies must have a certain calorie intake on a regular daily basis from each food group in order to function. Proteins are also an essential part of people's bodies. They help build tissues, and cell structures.

Nevertheless, exercise is one of the most important parts of staying in shape. It can also aid in the improvement of strength, endurance, heartrate, and weight control. Some forms of exercise that can improve health and fitness are bike riding, walking, and jogging. Along with the exercise plans that people set for themselves, they also need adequate amounts of rest and relaxation. All work and exercise can be tiresome on one's body.

If we continue to follow the dietary requirements and limitations of each food group, exercise on regular basis, and receive the right anounts of rest, our bodies will be more healthier and in better shape.