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We have all had days when we feel fine, but our skin looks tired or not at its best. Most of us haven't the time to devote a few hours every day to keeping our skin in tip-top condition.
When you've only got a few minutes to spare in the morning, how can you look like you've just stepped out of the beauty salon?
The answer is cheat.

Skin looking a little pale?

Try a bronzing powder compact. Lightly dust with a big blusher brush over the apples of the cheeks the nose and the forehead. This will give you a natural yet golden tan effect. If you'd like it to last all day, apply moisturizer beforehand and the powder will stay put for several hours.

A few spots?

Before you put any make-up on your face, use a green colour corrective cream which is designed to take the redness out of ruddy cheeks and dot it thinly over your pimples. Rubbing it in will mask the spot. Now apply your concealer/foundation for a more natural finish. The light green cream is available at most make-up counters. Some companies also make a lilac colour which when used under make-up will turn a sallow complexion look healthier.

Late Night?

Cucumber slices over the eyes and face really works. You can also try cotton puffs soaked in cold water. Leave them on for as long as you can. Afterwards, you’ll feel truly awake and ready to go.

Tired looking complexion?

Splash some freezing cold water over your face. Not only will this wake you up, but also it will open your eyes and your skin will replace any lost moisture. Cover our face with lots of moisturizer ad relax for ten minutes. This will make your skin look soft and smooth. Or if you've got fifteen minutes to spare, apply a mud or face pack, sit back and read a chapter in your favourite book.

These and other hints and tips will keep you looking like you’ve spent hours on your skin, when really it was closer to a few minutes!