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Overindulged again and suffering? Whether for a farewell, a birthday, New Year, St Patrick's Day or just because it's Friday, many of us start off with one or two drinks and, by the end of the evening, are happily 'in our cups'. Euphoria lasts until wake up time the next morning when, for most people, that 'morning after' feeling begins.

For some, the hangover is simply a headache, while for others it's a whole body experience of sore muscles, throbbing head and queasiness and of stating, for the 100th time, that you'll never do that again. And, for as many different hangovers that there are, each person has their own special way of dealing with the day and the feeling. Here are some different ideas to try the next time you wake up wishing you hadn't!

The 'Top Ten' Hangover Cures
# 10 - The 'hair of the dog' cure
Straightforward and effective if you can face it but a bit of a viscious circle cure. Number 10 recommends drinking more to get rid of your symptoms. While this does occasionally (if you can face more alcohol), work in the short term, all it really does is delay the inevitable!

# 9 - The 'aspirin cures everything' cure
An aspirin or two before you go out, one before you go to bed and one or two in the morning should fix that hangover. Except, mixing alcohol and medicine is NOT a good idea, particularly if you've had a lot to drink. Aspirin in the morning can certainly help but DON'T mix things!

# 8 - The 'eggnog' cure
A favorite for people who like raw eggs... anyone? anyone? The one guarantee with this cure is that, if it doesn't make you feel better, it'll make you throw up. And THAT will make you feel better!

# 7 - The 'early morning surf/swim' cure
For the masochists amongst us, I'm assured this one does work. The cold water numbs the body so you can't feel the pain!

# 6 - The 'beanbag and video' cure
For those of us less active, this cure at least means you can enjoy feeling miserable by not actually having to do anything or go anywhere. NOT recommended for weekday hangovers as it may lead to unemployment.

# 5 - The 'whining' cure
If you don't feel good, everyone should know about it! Strangely enough, the more you tell others about how bad you feel, the better you feel.

# 4 - The 'vitamin' cure
Usually espoused by an 'expert' who will tell you that hangovers are 'caused' by a lack of a certain vitamin or vitamins that the alcohol sucks from your body. This cure means you need to pop vitamins to rebalance yourself. If you're not sure which vitamins, take the whole alphabet!

# 3 - The 'greasy food and coke' cure
A favorite for many people, fried eggs and bacon or a Bacon Egg Burger, Bacon and Egg McMuffin with LOTS of coke should settle your stomach. That's if you manage to cope with the smell which probably might prove a barrier for some.

# 2 - The 'Berocca' cure
Berocca, a vitamin supplement of Vitamins B and C is probably one of the 'true' cures for many. A combination of vitamins, sugar, salt and bubbles mean that your stomach usually smiles and your headache goes. It also feels like you're on a caffeine hit with extra energy! Some people don't like the taste though.

And... The Number One cure as recommended by the 'experts' is:
# 1 - The 'water, water, water' cure
Large quantities of water before, water during and water after is a preventative cure, if there is such a thing! Avoid the whole hangover issue with this magic ingredient. Just make sure you are near a toilet!!

So, next time you're about to go on a binge, which of our ten will you plan for? Or do you have your own 'tried and true' cure?