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The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. The 3 kinds of alopecia are generalized, localized and hereditary alopecia. Hair loss is more permanent in men because they have the gene that determines male baldness.

Generalized alopecia occurs when hair drops due to stress or anti-cancer drugs. The good news is that replacements grow when the stress is removed.

Localized alopecia happens when there is damage to the skin or stress to the hair. Burns, radiation, skin diseases, ringworm infection or excessive hair styling causes this. Hair grows after healing.

Hereditary alopecia is bad news. No replacement hair grows. hairline recedes to expose a shiny pate. This permanent loss is due to a mixture of biological factors of age, male hormones and genes.

Presently, there's much discrimination in the society against bald men. A survey was done regarding employment of bald men and the conclusion was devastating. Bosses preferred crowns of hair. Baldies were seen as shifty or unpleasant. Such is hair power.

There is yet hope to quicken the recovery of lost hair. There are hair pills, shampoos and lotions to treat the hair condition. Other surer and quicker remedies include hair transplant and hair weaving. If you need a quick fix to go with your wardrobe, try wigs.

Hair loss is natural. The dropout rate increases from the age of 50. Growths occur naturally for those below 50. Even if you can't salvage your crowing glory, there are instant remedies as mentioned above. Its no hairy ordeal.