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When you break a bone in your body it can be pretty devastating. It is very easy to get out of shape, and gain weight. There is no reason this has to be the case for you. Here are some good ideas of things to do when you are out with an injury.
The first exercise that can be done with nearly any kind of broken bone is the traditional sit-up. These are not the most fun things to do, but they will keep your stomach toned until you get back on your feet. Try to set goals every day for how many you want to get accomplished. You can try to increase the amount a little every day.
If you break a bone in your lower body then you should get some lightweight dumbbells and work with those. Try doing some curls to get those biceps stronger. You can also do some flys to get your chest in shape. These exercises are great to get your muscles cut, but they probably won’t get your heart rate up.
A good cardiovascular exercise to do with a broken finger or hand is the stationary bike. This will surely get your heart rate up and keep your legs in shape. You can also experiment with some of the other leg exercises at the gym. You do not need to try to work with too much weight. Leg presses can get the legs stronger. Squats are another exercise that can be done inside your home with no weights at all.
If you have a more severe accident and you are not able to move or do anything physical, it is important to try and stretch each day. For at least fifteen minutes each day try to stretch your muscles. This will prepare you for when you get back on your feet.
Push ups are great to do if you have a leg injury. Push ups work the entire upper body and put little pressure on the lower body. The chest, triceps, biceps, abs, and shoulders are exerted in each and every sit up.
So remember the next time you get injured there is no reason to sit around the house and get out of shape. Have fun while you workout and enjoy the results. Always remember to drink a lot of water when working out.