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Constriction of blood flow to the lower extremities is the basic cause of cold feet. Poor circulation can be due to too much sitting or standing in the workplace. It can also be due to poor nutrition or nicotine abuse. Organic disorders, hormonal problems, and serious circulatory diseases are possible culprits; but depending on a medical professional’s diagnosis, constantly cold feet can be addressed by natural remedies such as exercises, foot massages, and footbaths.

Foot Massage

Without the benefit of an expert foot massager, you can stimulate blood flow to your feet by massaging your toes and soles. Knead each of your toes in circular motions using your thumb and fingertips. Proceed to massage the rest of the foot in the same manner. Applying oil of eucalyptus will help promote circulation.

Foot Exercises

To help improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels, and flex the muscles in the feet, try these simple exercises:

1. Wiggle your toes and rotate each foot at the ankle joint clockwise and counterclockwise. Do this at every opportunity, to relax tired feet or wake up feet that have been inactive due to being seated for extended periods.

2. Stand with toes, heels pointed outwards. Slowly rise up on the balls of your feet and lower down gently. Repeat several times.

3. Walk around on your toes, then on your heels, then on the inner and outer sides of your feet. Repeat several times.

4. Use your toes to pick up a small item from the floor.


Aerobics and regular exercises can greatly improve circulation especially in the lower extremities. Running, cycling, brisk walking, dancing, hiking, and stair stepping are just a few of the workouts that help promote efficient blood flow all over the body.

Good Nutrition

Proper eating habits, packed with fruits and vegetables, ensure the good condition of blood vessels. Include juices of grapes, peaches, cherries, beets, tomatoes and onions for best results.