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Eat at least five servings of fresh fruit or vegetables a day, preferably raw. Stick to white meat or fish and don't eat dairy products or processed foods like cakes, pastries and convenience snacks. Use only a little olive oil and lemon juice for salad dressings. Water cleanses cells of toxins so drink at least a litre of mineral water a day. Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee.

The three muscle groups responsible for pumping up the lymphatic system are in the thighs, buttocks and the backs of the calves. So aim for three 20 to 30 minute sessions a week of cycling, brisk walking, jogging or step aerobics. If you prefer going to the gym use the treadmill, stepper or exercise bike.

Body brushing exfoliates the skin, which softens it and helps creams and lotions to work better. It also encourages lymph drainage. Use a bristle brush on dry skin or a loofah on damp skin, brushing in long slow sweeps towards the heart. You may prefer to use a special massage glove or mitt designed to help smooth out dimpled flesh. Take at least five minutes over this and do it every day.

If you massage the areas where you have cellulite firmly everyday without fail you will see a rapid improvement in skin texture. Use any body cream you like, but you'll get faster results with a special anti-cellulite product. These contain natural ingredients which accelerate fluid or fat loss and pep up the circulation.