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1. Contact Police and/or Emergency Medical Services to report the accident and injuries.

2. Alert other drivers of the accident by placing flares on the roadside or turning the hazzard lights on in your vehicle.

3. If possible stay in your car or truck so you are not struck by a passing driver who doesn't see or react to the situation in time.

4. Write down the name of the other driver and his or her insurance company as well as phone numbers to contact them. Insurance policy numbers, expiration dates, and agent's name may also be helpful information to have.

5. Write down names, addresses and phone numbers
of any witnesses who may have seen the accident.

6. Ask the police officer who takes the report what the number is and where a copy can be obtained for insurance purposes. If no report is
made, note the time, location and other relevant details of the accident while they are fresh in your mind.

7. Try to remain calm and don't loose your temper. Accidents are stressful but arguments won't make them any easier.

8. Call your insurance agent or claims office as soon as possible to report the accident and to file the necessary claim forms.

9. Cooperation with the claims adjuster will help your claim get settled more quickly and easily.

10. Always be alert when driving so you can anticipate what other drivers may do and you may be able to reduce the risk of being in another accident.